1. Yep, along with the titles: Vrooom, B'Boom, and Vrooom Vrooom. Very fun titles to say.

  2. Yes, but it says "app needed for device" don't know what it means

  3. Btw, the controller is able to connect wirelessly to my computer, just doesn't want to on my phone apparently

  4. I knew I recognized your style. Love your Rainbow 6 and Cyberpunk artwork! Am hoping to see more dbd stuff.

  5. I also love The Devil's Triangle, but it is a cover/version of Gustav Holst's Mars: The Bringer of War. Even if it is a cover I still really enjoy the song and it is my 2nd favorite traKc behind Pictures of a City. I recommend checking out Gustav's original to see what you think of it.

  6. Adrian indiscipline is okay, but Jakko indiscipline is perfeKct and I listen to it over and over again.

  7. I onyl am going to see jako indisciple. I love jako indiscple. After jako indisiplinr is done I will leave since king kcrimson makces bad musikc.

  8. I swear this is a repost, I remember reading this loophole story on here before...

  9. Having 90s and 2000s crimson songs at top 10 and S tier is very based. Agree with your top 10s

  10. Yes, they did release their live 2018 Lizard performance in Rome, but again was missing vocals for the Prince Rupert Awakes section (I just think they know they can't recreate the same feel as Jon Anderson). There was a video up on YouTube of it not too long ago, but it was taken down. There really is no other way to listen to it other than their other versions of the Lizard Suite live in Mexico or Chicago. Honestly you aren't missing out on the suite apart from Bolero, but the band has uploaded the suite mostly in full on their channel and on streaming services. Only way to hear the recently released 2018 one is by either buying the film soundtrack or waiting for someone to rip the soundtrack into an MP4 file on their computer.

  11. Wdym? Vocals for the song are by Greg Lake, his voice is dubbed over in the song if that is what you are referring to.

  12. Only listen to this and nothing else, nothing will come close to that masterpiece.

  13. Not to brag, but I can make that in a couple hours too. I can beat your 3 year old in making the beat logo >:)

  14. THAT WAS A CLOSE MATCH! Must've been an SWF considering how the davids are sharing similar user names! glad you DESTROYED these toxic survivors.

  15. Lmao is that the faceapp Jamie Muir? Doesn't matter since Jamie is the biggest chad in the band

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