1. Okay, at this point im 100% sure that people will use literally ANYTHING for measurement rather than use metric system

  2. Okay i was going milk chocolate but seeing this i might go white cuz of hair color

  3. The dog is a bit too happy, look at his eyes, their huuuge

  4. Me with a metal belt buckle, steel toes boots, keys, a clip wallet, and pocket knife.......

  5. When my dogs chew too much on their toys, i get to see a connected poopies

  6. You’ve heard of runaway bride, not get ready for runaway mom

  7. Hey step bro what are you doing with those tickets….oooh that tickles

  8. Drinks the 2 L Coke and can't make it to the bathroom in time.

  9. Well he probably just pissing himself. The most inner layers will absorb everything and no one will suspect a thing

  10. The new M2 Macs just came out and there haven't been any significant price increases. In some cases (max storage) the prices have come significantly down.

  11. In EU there’s almost 200eur difference between M1Pro and M2Pro Macbook, with same base config

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