1. Wait, did this happen INSIDE Russia? That kind of surprises me.

  2. Förstatliga skiten! Precis som järnvägen, sjukhusen och skolorna!

  3. The greatest trolling in US history, the Satanic Temple. "Oh, the right is REALLY invested in 'religious freedom' and use it to remove all the things we like... Religious freedom... I GOT IT!"

  4. I don't know why anyone is surprised by this. Racism among former Soviet states are well known, mostly because they've never seen many immigrants come to their borders, but also because of intense propaganda from Russia about the "scary west".

  5. I assumed you talked about David Pakman in the title of the post 😅

  6. And JUST before I was about to start winning! So frustrating!

  7. Oh my god! How could the pedo-network miss this!? I mean... It's just SO unlikely that the people SCREAMING about pedos over here, was missing the pedos over there. I just can't figure out why!?

  8. Go read 1984, it'll give you a good idea of what kinds of jobs there are.

  9. Are La Niñas not predictable? This is the fourth balloon from China that drifted into US territory. Does China not have scientists who calculate these things or are they LEGITIMATELY not predictable, like earth quakes?

  10. They're very predictable, the theory that I saw that makes the most sense is that the mechanism to take down the balloon on-purpose failed.

  11. Do whatever, I would find it weird however if the one thing a potential relationship falls on is their sexual past, but it's your body, do what you want.

  12. https://www.reuters.com/article/factcheck-mtg-altered/fact-check-marjorie-taylor-greenes-face-superimposed-on-photo-of-woman-with-soviet-union-t-shirt-idUSL1N2YI1MJ

  13. Yeah, we can't be all "eat the rich" and then get mad when a rich guy does something for the love of it rather than for money.

  14. Like I said, it's THE project to do it on... But COME ON! 10M vs nothing?

  15. That’s for anal, we don’t need to use lube to masturbate.

  16. So everyone just has bedside lube for anal? Is anal a weekly thing in the US?

  17. Yeah, or for long sessions, when extra lube is needed for her pleasure, so we aren’t starting a fire with our privates.

  18. Vad du isf menar är att ingen har praktiskt erfarenhet utav vad du subjektiv och arrogant definierar som "kommunism".

  19. Så diktaturer ska alltså få diktera vad som är och inte är socialism? Trevligt.

  20. She was never a "debate bro". She would, at best, either have a conversation with someone like Destiny where she says a bunch of LITERAL Nazi talking points or would be in a round table discussion where she didn't talk much... Typically because she was busy dommy-mommying her subscribers.

  21. This is nothing but a self report, through and through. She, and probably her friends, now believe that her behavior read representative of all behavior from debate bros, despite her not ever being anything than a dumb fuck

  22. Okej. Men jag mår bra av hans videos för att de är underhållande, plus att alla deltagare får en massa grejer. Så då är ju allt hans innehåll per definition 'feel-good'.

  23. Jag säger inte att han ska sluta göra videor, jag tittar också på hans videor.

  24. Skrea Strand in Falkenberg. If you have the time for it, go over and visit Copenhagen top, and more specifically Christiania.

  25. There's a lot of snark and posturing in this reply so I'll just give a quick general response so as not to give this too much of my time.

  26. The only snark that MIGHT be in this post is due to your lack of engagement with the source that you just dismiss out of hand, or your accusations of anti-Semitism.

  27. strange he would make that claim so confidently when the data so clearly indicates otherwise. i tend to take what he says at face value assuming he’s done his due diligence, should probably stop doing that.

  28. You should never do that. Everyone makes mistakes, he's probably recalling from his education, which has a few years on him by now.

  29. yeah, i know its not good to do with anyone, just kindve turns into work when i feel the need to fact check everything he says in all his videos. i think at the very least i owe myself the service of making sure its correct before i go around repeating falsehoods and making a fool of myself though.

  30. You're going to always repeat falsehoods, just give it a disclaimer.

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