1. This is 100% how i read books in school. Iwpuld spend hours reading the same chapter un able to absorb or understand what was happening.

  2. This dude probably has ADHD or is autistic... Maybe both 😅

  3. Most predictable conclusion to Ye's behavior leading up to it.

  4. It's a tradition, the winner crosses the line with the crown

  5. Gå med i facket. Desto starkare fack desto bättre arbetsvillkor och lön får du. Om dina föräldrar har dålig erfarenhet av fack så beror det nog på att de jobbat kommunalt, Kommunal är ett notoriskt dåligt fack.

  6. Prank show or not, you straight face tell me you fed me human flesh you gonna catch a ass woopin

  7. This specific story, yes he has killed some monkeys while testing his dumb neurolink. But the figure of 3000 monkeys is totally made up. I could not find any source backing up that number and the idea they could even do that in this short amount of time makes no sense. He is running a vaporware brain chip company not a monkey exterminating company.

  8. I mean his Teslas do a pretty good job of killing people despite it being illegal lol

  9. The difference here and the examples you give is that no kid is ACTUALLY on screen, next to the thing happening or interacting with it.

  10. I just can't help getting stuck that at "the thing happening" being a goth-y teddy bear in leather gear just being there.

  11. It's not "leather gear", it's BDSM gear. There's a difference.

  12. The divorce papers would be in the mail before she made this demand. Holy fuck!

  13. As with anything in this world, the left creates and the right ruins.

  14. So this dude claims to be a communist, or something, right?

  15. Idiots pretend to be pro labor and then they prevent the labor from demanding better treatment. I hope they stand their ground and strike anyway. Or go to work and do nothing till they get what they want

  16. Or just threaten to quit en masse, hand in the resignation papers for a future date and watch management squirm.

  17. No celebrity SHOULD be role models. Some just happen to become that.

  18. 2th says:

    That wasn't fake. That was Rich's actual massive dong.

  19. So... Justin Roiland will be on the next BotW episode then, right?

  20. Forget arguing here. Reddit is a place with majorly americans - they were eating tide pods for fun just some years ago. Expecting the same sense out of them as a culture like Europeans is a long shot.

  21. I understand that but there's 300 million plus people in my country alone lol and we always get accused of not thinking of the wider world but the fact remains this is common in a fat chunk of the world not just the United States. I wish we were all like Sweden but we aren't man. Some of us are lucky to have made it out of high-school alive.

  22. I completely understand that. I'm criticizing the US for being bad at this by having abstinence only education (I don't think abstinence was ever on the table for us... Because it doesn't work).

  23. The Nation of Islam people are getting bolder I see. Can Louise Farrakhan just die already? That whole generation needs to stop feeding people their poison.

  24. Congrats on the VERY positive overall review score. Nicely done!

  25. Call me crazy, but don’t be surprised if you find out this whole family is off their rocker.

  26. There was something in the waters when they grew up for sure

  27. We cant plan a strike anyways, because doing that means federal crimes are committed. And since you can't plan a strike, you can't get everyone to go it at once

  28. We're pretty much on the middle of a slow mass resignation. There have been Congressional hearings on it. Railroads day they're working on improving the supply chain, but refuse to admit that paying labor more would improve the work force

  29. Yeah, I've seen the posts about it. Crazy how they don't realize you're ramping up for a French Revolution.

  30. If only half the voting population turns up for a vote and you only get 55% of the votes, that's 26% of the voting age population that voted for you. There's nothing legitimate about that presidency.

  31. I knew something was different about me for years. Short-term memory (did I lock the front door? What was your name again?), distraction, tough to motivate, impulsive shopping, interrupting, and other social awkwardness were clear long-time issues.

  32. I'm 35, got my diagnosis this summer. Realized something was wrong 2, 3 years ago. I've always joked about "having a smidge of ADHD".

  33. I had one of those days the other day where NOTHING I did sparked anything in me. At all. Nothing. Just a constant feeling of nothingness.

  34. These problems are caused by different reasons, first one was caused because the year in most databases was stored with only two digits, so on new year the clock switched from 99 to 00, the Y2K bug is caused by integer overflow because unix timestamp usually is stored as int32.

  35. Yes, true. But the core reasoning is the same: "It'll be deprecated by the time this becomes an issue"

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