1. Is this written by the same person who wrote My Immortal?

  2. As far as i know all the models in the age of darkness box can be played in 40k. The spartaan and contemptor i believe have rules, catephracti should be playable as normal terminators, praetors can be used as captains, and the tactical marines can still be tacticals, i dont think there are rules for bayonets though, so if you build with them they just wont get them in 40k. Somebody else might give you better info but im pretty sure almost everything in heresy has rules for 40k, or can be used as "count as" proxies for other stuff with little contestion.

  3. Oh neato. You probobly know better than i do, but id assume only the wierd forge world stuff doesnt have 40k rules? But also some of them do, like the termite drills right?

  4. Some stuff does, I believe all the vehicles do, but legion specific units don't, and neither do Breachers and Destroyers. I'm sure there are other units that have/don't have rules, I just don't remember them.

  5. Does not apply as I've not mentioned it.

  6. No, I meant that you could utilize rule 4 to get one.

  7. Ohhhh okay, confused me then brother haha. Yeah if I could find a place for it in the UK. Been sent a link but it's U.S based, not sure if they deliver UK.

  8. Keep looking, there are lots of those vendors.

  9. Sure, you can do range only easily, just replace Blowpipe with T-bow and you're good.

  10. It's the coolest armour out there. Nice paint job!

  11. Delaque models could be a good base for a serf. Depending on legion, of course.

  12. They may actually work tbf, just painted in legion colours with sigil, give them 30k lasguns or something. I'm doing Luna Wolves so the knives on the Delaque models work well.

  13. Maybe swap out their heads for something else, if you don't want them to look so creepy. Also, as a side note, Delaque are tall, they stand rougly a half head taller than a regular human, something that may affect how they look next to marines.

  14. Eight pointed star wasn't really a thing outside of WB, so those have to go. Tentacles and such weren't a thing outside of DG, and even they weren't as crazy as they are in 40k, so they have to go. Many legionnaires weren't really dabbling in chaos soup yet, they were just rebelling against Imperium, so most weren't corrupt at that point. Hell, even in 40k there are still legionnaires from the rebelling legions who still don't dabble into chaos soup, although much less than there were 10 000 years ago.

  15. Gorgons are very mediocre unit for IH, and they lose their biggest advantages if you play them as AL, so I'd go for Morlocks. The Morlocks made by GW use Gorgon models as a base, so you'd be able to utilize the models. Also, as a side note, AL didn't outright steal suits of armour, they had infaltrated all legions prior to heresy, so they had agents in said units. Also also, Gorgons had their armour surgically implanted onto them, so you wouldn't be able to take the armour off of a dead Gorgon.

  16. I'm leaning more into narrative than what is good. To me it doesn't make much sense why there'd be Primarch bodyguards fucked off to this random warzone. When the lore for most of the Terminator elites is "personally chosen by the Primarch" how do you justify XXth infiltrators getting in there? At least Gorgons are mainly just the suit of armour, and they look great.

  17. Well, it only takes a single guy to infiltrate the inner circle to steal their unique unit's secrets. Gameplaywise, AL can have access to stuff like Deathshroud, who are like Morlocks, or even Gal Vorbak and Mhara Gal dreadnought, who are deamonically possessed. There are other units that wouldn't fit very well either, but sometimes, you can bend the lore a bit to fit stuff like that into your list, remember, rule of cool.

  18. What do you mean by green stuff shrinking? I've used it for years, both in large and small quantities, never noticed any sort of shrinking.

  19. Huh, funny. Like I said, I have only ever had to use one layer.

  20. I ran 10 volkites in a match the other day, use bitter fury on the first dred to shoot at me. Did 1 wound. Autocannons would have got at least a couple more because havoc bs5 and they're exactly the same PTS wise.

  21. You could buff regular heavies with unarmed Armistos for BS 5. Volkites aren't as effective against dreads or vehicles, but they are better against regular infantry, while still being able to cause some hurt to dreads and light vehicles. 10 Culverins should cause around 3,4 wounds against dreads on average, before Deflagrate procs, so you had some bad luck there. 10 Autocannons cause 3,2 unsaved wounds against contemptors on average, so they are actually worse.

  22. Armistos is more useful on lascannons to make them bs6 so the tyrant of lyssatra trait doesn't wipe the whole squad from gets hot. Anything those lascannons shoot at dies with a fair amount of overkill though so I might stick them with the tyrants.

  23. Lorgar has Brutal, he's let down by his poor WS. Buffing that a few times might bump him up quite a bit. And there are a couple of Primarchs in the upper half without Brutal, primarily Dorn but also the Lion a lower down.

  24. Ah, gotcha. In that case, he might be a bit better. As for Dorn, he is so high thanks to his defensive buff.

  25. Yep. And the Lions always wounding on 2s and can often be hitting on 2s with his trait and high ws. No brutal, but if he's wounded he's getting 8 attacks and causes ~6-7 saves.

  26. And then there's Angron, who just gains attacks the longer the game is. There are many things that affect how these things pan out.

  27. I actually tried to do that one time- it worked pretty well, but it fell on the floor and it shattered off and it demoralised me from trying it again, haha. I may try it again for this project tho

  28. You could superglue it back, I sometimes do that intentionally when I greenstuff things.

  29. Unfortunately not, it broke into a bunch of pieces and also its been months and I threw the bits away :(

  30. Oof, that sucks. Nevertheless, don't give up, I'm sure you'll be able to create new helmets!

  31. The xenos overlords of Barbarus were not DE, DE are recognized as a seperate entity in 30k, like in the case of Vulkan. The overlords are much more strong.

  32. You can, but 10 equipped with Lightning Claws is overkill most of the time, five should be enough in most cases.

  33. yeah if I was going to build a 10-terminator blob I'd recommend making sure you've got some cheap dudes in there to remove first and personally I like to toss a couple of chainfists in so they can just casually wreck a vehicle if needed.

  34. Generally, you want to destroy the thing you point them at, LCs turn meq into minced meat, while chainfists wreck vehicles and TEQ, they don't really mix well. You're better off with giving Chainfists for cataphractii, since they can tank other terminators well, while tartaros should be hunting 3+ save units.

  35. That was a rule in 1st ed., not sure if it still exists in 2nd. Check your liber to see if any weapons have it.

  36. You can buy majority of them from FW or kitbash them.

  37. It doesn't fire any sort of projectiles, rather, it creates a spiraling vortex of gravitation-torsion force that crushes anything affected by it. The green goo is energy.

  38. Can it be thrown into a smoke cloud?

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