1. Ok so this one I liked a lot mainly cuz it's cheaper than the badder but like a cake like texture. I can best describe it as soft shatter, you need a dab tool but very easy to work with unlike shatter. I also thought this had better flavor than there shatter.

  2. Agree on everything u said I picked Some up yesterday, and taste and effects spot on to what u said. I take just a tad fatter dab, and within 2-3 definitely sit back and relax but not couch locked. I definitely got more of a sweet fruit, creamy on the exhale really delicious. Carta 2 480-510 smacks. Woodward sunset sherbet also one to try out.

  3. What strain? How’s the effects? Worth the price? Or better or about the same as AR pod system like that? If you have tried it? Let us know! I do enjoy their diamonds and sauce, concentrates, and some of the other concentrates so I’m guessing the pod system it’s going to be Dank

  4. Crazy I still don't see my post from yesterday for the review of Mint Gelato by standard wellness. Maybe there's a mod that works for someone that doesn't like certain people's reviews/opinions 🤔 🤷

  5. Naw big dog, I do believe there’s someone watching it, cuz I use to b able to post a lot. Now since I said a few cuss words. I can barley have anything post. Mayb this is b posted or not. Always gotta have someone read my stuff now.

  6. Cannabis in it’s usually extracted for dabbing concentrate usually contains a high level of THCA which isn’t psychoactive until it’s past decarb temp (similar idea to decarbing cannabis flower for preparing edibles) 230-250 degrees THCA converts to is psychoactive form delta 9 THC. Thus the name delta shift …. It’s supposed to be able to vape or dab at lower temps bc the thc is already activated. I posted a review of the jungle mac delta shift it was very good… I’m guessing they just slowly bring their live resin up to decarb temp activating it. It’s very runny and is easier to scoop if you add a live sugar too it but it was very terpy and tasty

  7. Well thank u for the knowledge!! I appreciate it, I’m a caregiver and my patients really wanted to know an I had no answer for them, but thank u once again

  8. Anywhere else other than Columbus? Dayton area doesn’t seem to cover klutch rosin very few

  9. Yes to all poorly done extractions, color doesn’t bother me to much, the fact of the fake Terp smell of fake candy and the harshness it brings with it when smoked yikes! Definitely at the price of $70 before tax for 1.5 and missing .3 of the 1.5 yeah pretty shitty.

  10. My goly! I love me some sunshine 4!!!! Faaaaaaaak yeah! Ima an Ohio grower! Yo! What seed company is this from?

  11. That's all Ancient Roots deciding they need to raise all of their pricing to "Continue to provide the best quality products to patients" doesn't make sense at all.. I'm very disappointed.

  12. Correct! Very disappointed, I was a fan of buying their rosin when it was on the cheaper side of $70 a gram now it shot up to 96 even 101 I’ve seen. Well they gonna loose a bunch more business. Make no sense!

  13. Well how was it! How’s them big ass 💎💎 how’s the terps! I haven’t had this one yet in concentrate form. Have had the flower

  14. Wait till u hit the bottom of that blueberry vintage taste wounderful! All the way through. It’s my new favorite one! Getting it all the time

  15. Same here and we’ll thanks for some info. I b trying, I got a few empty’s. Let’s here!

  16. Screw driver an scissors and sometimes smacking the fuck outta the jar gets them ti open. Last few times. And never again I kept getting to many of their jars like that to handle.

  17. Nope not at least Dayton one, they told me yesterday no more. I’m a caregiver and my patient has the extra discount. And the Dayton Columbia care said no stacking

  18. Where in da hell u getting 79 doll hair ounces! What store is that! In Michigan

  19. If u got an instagram hit up mz Ohio chronic she makes everything desert related and she might be able to help u out

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