1. In Canada since legalization 3 years ago, alcohol sales are at their lowest since the 1970s. My city has more weed stores than liquor stores.

  2. Have you seen the "baller bucket" or anything similar on weedmaps?

  3. I feel like we need to setup our caregiver system differently.

  4. That’ll never happen. That would be them literally saying it’s okay to go stock up elsewhere and bring it back. That’s one of the issues, you can’t transport over state lines. To allow caregivers to they would have to amend the entire program.

  5. It is Ohio only for the klutch I live in Ohio for now but I'm moving to Michigan as soon as possible

  6. They only put a lot of pride in us when it's convenient. We're just pawns to them...they don't actually give a damn.

  7. It would more sense to require a bachelors degree, and increase the starting pay.

  8. The Ohiogop has to make sure every maga voter comes out, on top of all the voter suppression tactics they have used. They will do everything they can to hold on to power.

  9. True. but with the way the gop has gerrymandered the state districts, it would require a greater than 70% win to get maybe 50% of the seats. But with predominately one political party refusing vaccines an dying, maybe the dems just gotta wait it out. /SARCASM

  10. The GOP lives in an alternate reality with Faux "news" and their cronies making up "facts" for them to believe.

  11. I like SMART Recovery, it's kind of like AA; I would say more science based.

  12. Right? Like... how are they going to ensure this. Are they going to demand that Facebook and Twitter and Discord and Reddit all demand our fucking IDs??? As. Fucking. If.

  13. I'm not about to give my ID to go on any social media. ... lol

  14. No, the problem is this… I live in Cleveland Heights and I thoroughly believe that this state in general is a democratic state. The problem is is that we’re dealing with a loophole to keep gerrymandering districts here even though gerrymandering is not legal here so there are people out there trying to change this right now, but if we could change that the state would definitely turnover

  15. I wouldn't blame yourself for your hiring manager not hiring enough people.

  16. Sugary foods and drinks helped me a ton with cravings. I had to replace all the sugar I was getting from the alcohol with sugar from somewhere else.

  17. Not sure, I use these people; they charge $99 for new and $69 for renewal, no groupon needed.

  18. When we fight back they brutalize us

  19. It took around 2 years for my liver enzymes to get back to normal range.

  20. SMART Recovery also has meetings online and a chat if you need it.

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