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  1. Be mindful they will try to contact your place of employment and make false accusations not related to pitbulls, like saying that you harassed someone for their race to get you fired.

  2. Desantis needs to import some illegals from Sweden or Norway now lol.

  3. He’s only leading us toward nuclear war with Russia, and forgetting who’s alive. This is normal, right?

  4. Cats probably, they are one of the most successful apex predator adapters on the planet.

  5. Impossible. Cats will never do a chore they aren’t interested in. Can you imagine them trying to build a tool?

  6. Domestic Cats would decimate the lower food chain if we disappeared. They are thought to have contributed to the demise of 63 species of birds already. In the US alone they are thought to kill a billion birds annually and 6 billion small mammals. Please put a bell on your cat.

  7. Not all Cats are the same. I have piles of rodents weekly, and maybe 2 birds in 10 years. I’ll just let him keep doing the lords work.

  8. It’s Ralph Machio lol. Love the guy and his work, but are some people expecting Chuck Norris or something?

  9. They're trying to take elements of Black culture that they think sounds good, but they use them wrong and out of context so they sound stupid

  10. You just described the last 25 years of American history lol!

  11. I was tempted to leave a spoof comment like the ones you already received, but I have a heart and they already did that lol.

  12. I’d say make another subreddit that’s open to all languages. That way everyone wins.

  13. Anyone who’s wondering why this phenomenon is happening, I suggest that you learn the story of William Bradford (early colonial America).

  14. Girls gotta stick together and wait it out. No school is gonna keep a locker room for the 2 different kids vs a whole group.

  15. It’s totally freaking weird. I was a kid in the 80s and I was taught about all of the problems of our past and how we resolved them.

  16. We’re talking tiny tiny chance. Hailstones can be deadly too but same chance.

  17. People have been killed by these stray bullets. So while not a common occurrence, it has happened.

  18. It’s not common, just like tire blowouts or a lightening strike. I’m not questioning you on this, but anti gun people seem to pretend that it’s a common danger. Just making sure we’re on the same page.

  19. Appearance only. Freddy mercury was an artist, not a monster like this lady.

  20. A personal trainer would come easy with that kind of money.

  21. Let’s see, better than Biden, better than Bernie, more open minded than trump, and less crooked than Hillary.

  22. The compatibility with the rest of the world would be nice, but it won’t solve all of our problems.

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