Fucking Republicans

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  1. I could be wrong but have you had your testosterone checked? Maybe Google low testosterone symptoms and see if it sounds like the case.

  2. Which one of you is selling this guy birth control and telling him it's sarms? 🤦‍♀️

  3. I definitely look at long nail chicks with a little more scrutiny. Maybe guess because there's no way they can do actual tasks without breaking them? I don't care for any particular color or anything but find it cute how proud they always are of them so it's a fun thing to compliment if they look cool.

  4. I find it very hard to believe you're 182. The classic physique bodybuilding category weight cap is 160 lbs for 5'4 (that's cbums class).

  5. I’m struggling to find the correlation between the two? What does the classic physique weight cap have to do with you finding it hard to believe I’m 182lbs?

  6. I think it's just the pic (especially the legs). Watched that video you have and in that you definitely look 182.

  7. This isn't uncommon for young people. But as they get older it's much harder for the body to stay healthy. This is a very good video explaining it

  8. Quite a clickbaity title, since Daewoo is South Korean, but I agree that hiding 19.8 million is pretty scummy.

  9. The US government spends 20 million about every 5 minutes

  10. The randomness I see on this sub always cracks me up. But nice sexy collarbones king

  11. Cool can we do mike o Hearn next? And the entire rest of the industry while we're at it?

  12. Got reminded recently why under no circumstances you talk about this thing of ours with normies. Cucks will be jealous and go talk shit behind your back and no one wants ti hear it because theyre too afraid of needles lmfao

  13. Ninja because it's way easier to resell when you want to upgrade plus it's not a pos

  14. Those were the days. Here's my natty to juicy progress cause the bb forum doesn't upvote mirin monday anymore.

  15. Present your balls please so we can all have a suckle

  16. You really think with all his publicity he could tear his bicep without anyone knowing? This is a bad photo tho for sure

  17. Probably not a tear. Hany’s FST-7 protocol utilizes SEO to help stretch the fascia. It’s probably just one bad shot, maybe subq leak

  18. Yea those subq leaks def shorten tendons for sure

  19. Men's physique you're looking at around 200 lbs stage weight at 5'11 to be competitive, maybe more.

  20. Maybe I was expecting something else or I was too young too sympathised with characters? Maybe I could rewatch it. :)

  21. They say your age may dictate which film is more relatable and likeable. Younger people will like the first one while people who've had a few relationships will connect with the second one better. I'm 30 and love the second. The third one.. well you'll see.

  22. Before sunset will always be my favorite romance film!

  23. The whole film is perfect and it's just 2 people walking around talking.

  24. Here’s an update for you guys. I’m frustrated my weight isn’t going up. Can’t seem to consistently get in enough calories. But my back development is doing okay.

  25. just want to show my 4 years of progress i cant describe how much my life has changed since lifting

  26. Well I’m off cycle, gotta live vicariously through all ya’ll. Anyone on any weird cycles atm?

  27. I'm like 2 weeks into superdrol and I can get a pump in like the first 3 reps of an exercise 😂

  28. If someone made a post titled "fucking democrats" it would be removed immediately.

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