1. I freaking love growing sugar snap peas!! Walking out your front door in the summer and just, eating delicious things for free

  2. Hola from Michigan! My ex-boyfriend is Jona from Barcelona. Do you know him? 😜😂

  3. Haha no. Be thankful he is your ex now. You should choose someone from Andalusia better than Catalonia next time.

  4. Abortion does mean killing a baby. The intention of giving birth early is to end the life of the baby. The baby isn’t choosing to die. It’s not possible for it to survive. It’s disingenuous to claim otherwise.

  5. How can you so confidently ignore the rights and the whole life of an individual just because she has something in one of her organs, using her blood and nutrients? Does she not matter?

  6. That’s a completely different point. I was simply arguing against your claim that abortion doesn’t mean killing a baby. It does.

  7. That's literally the same thing as saying "You killed someone because they needed one of your kidneys but you didn't give it to them, therefore you are responsible for them dying".... Is it not?

  8. 'Next time you get in trouble, call a crackhead' - Sen Kennedy

  9. If it looks like a pedo, and it acts like a pedo, and it speaks like a racist pedo, EUTHENASIA!

  10. Unsung hero of the video is the bartender who came in at the end clearly about to try to diffuse the situation.

  11. I want to assume she didn't even hear the interaction or didn't know what to do cuz the right thing would have been to immediately stand up for the person being attacked. Silence is violence

  12. That is worth going to prison for. I just found out the one thing I would definitely go to prison for. And be PROUD to go. I would risk my own life to put those people in that position.

  13. She gets just as annoyed with her as I do. And yes, we try to bring both our moms whenever we can.

  14. My parents owned a large kennel next to our house most of my life, and some new neighbors filed a noise complaint with our tiny township so it went to court. The judge got to my mom and that Karen lady, took one look at the complaint and our Kennel license, and told the Karen "Lady, if you don't want to hear dogs barking, then don't move across the street from a kennel!"

  15. Actual jaw drop and froze. Dropped the phone when I realized it was fire.

  16. Wow this takes me back to a similar situation. I was changing my 9 month old child, she had already gone so I thought she was done. Nope, just the calm before the BOOM explosion of poop from my child that got all over everything in a 6 foot radius, including wall, ceiling, floor, me, and the poor dog who was just napping below. She giggled so loudly right after.

  17. Lol I say thank you for the warning, the earth is overpopulated and if the image of a shit shower prevents one extra birth, it was worth it.

  18. When an egotistical asshole on a power trip, and a complete dumbass, collide...

  19. He is so emotional!! I'm dying. I've seen maybe 5 guys in 36 years control their emotions.

  20. Not enough light. Had this problem before. Giving it more light most likely won’t help it grow out more but it will help future leaves. You can leave it as is because it’s still green or you can chop it at the base if you don’t like the look of it. I’ve chopped several leaves like this before I knew the reason.

  21. This is my big frustration! Plants that had a lot of good light at the store and then I try to put it anywhere but right in a big south-facing window, it just gives up on life!! I don't wanna wait a whole season for it to throw a fit and acclimate.

  22. Daaaaammmnnnn look at all those fenestrations! There's 3 tiny ones in a row besides the big slit!

  23. Hybrids are the way to go! I fucking love my Prius. It always starts in the coldest Michigan winters, Saves money, easy to work on, very long lasting, because Toyota.... everything works on it.... I have no complaints!

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