1. Tenka and Kyouka probably values Yuuki's opinion, and they both like him enough to be sad to hear that. Possibly Mira as well.

  2. Metal Gear Rising is my favourite anime. You can even interact with the anime as you watch it. It's pretty fun.

  3. Thank you. That's a good anime that I am glad that I found out. This JoJo guy can predict anything before people even say it

  4. So wait, does he regenerate or suffer eternally while being unable to die with a mortal wound?

  5. "Do you remember the time when the girl you liked rejected you over and over again and eventually said that she liked girls, Kishibe? It was me, Makima! I was the one who manipulated her sexuality!"

  6. "If I can't hurt his body.. I'll attack his soul!"

  7. Its drawback is that it leaves your skull area open for punching.

  8. I would assume the opposite, more likely to be Tanjiro and Mitsuri side by side

  9. I'd say we need both. In the arc, Tanjiro fought along with both Muichiro and Mitsuri, affterall

  10. Question: could a nuke break the barrier? In theory if the monsters had a nuke would that work???

  11. Hey, that's actually a good question. Maybe Alphys should've become a nuclear physicist instead of a.. Magic engineer or whatever she is

  12. They're literally the same thing. What do you think pancake syrup is made of?

  13. And Giorno is son of DIO, which means God in Italian.

  14. Nice coloring. The palette reminds me of the Eternity Devil in that one Chainsaw Man ending.

  15. I dont see any reason Arthur would brainwash her. And i dont think she ever really talked that much

  16. She already was abit introverted, but it's understandable that she now rarely even talks after the things happened in NNT's ending.

  17. ""I do not have daddy issues, I am papa's special f-ing boy!"

  18. I still can't get over the fact that it's the actual VA saying that.

  19. Which is why I don't believe in gender and think men and women are biological categories

  20. I don't believe in humans. We're all just a bunch of atoms with slightly different arrangement

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