1. Reminds me of the guy whose company had a party on a plantation and required them to be in “period correct costume”. He was the only black employee so he went as a slave.

  2. This was like that Key and Peele skit where they go troll some American Civil War Re-enactors and given the eponymous comedians are black, they go as slaves, making the re-enactors very uncomfortable.

  3. I mean, it's from M*A*S*H, which was a show about the Korean War so popular that it lasted longer than the actual war.

  4. Nothing in your head canon says that each season equals a year in the show's time line. That 70s Show's setting starts in 1976, but there were eight seasons. If they did it so one season was the equivalent of a year in the show, the second half of the show would have taken place in the 80s, which kind of wrecks the show's whole basic premise.

  5. I love how MPM Jazz has the splitting function just to recreate his death, it's morbid in a way.

  6. The Mustang’s MT-82 is a good example here. 2015-2017 models had tightly grouped gearing 1-5, then 6 was a massive overdrive. You would be cruising up to 140ish, then it would take a massive dive shifting to 6th. 5th gear had a 1:1 ratio, 6th was 0.65.

  7. Probably to try and get better fuel economy, the 2013-2014 GT500s had fifth and sixth gears that were overdriven, and Ford specifically wanted to avoid gas guzzler tax for those cars.

  8. Toyota does this with the 8th Gen Hilux/Revo. 1st is so short it's almost a crawler gear, while it'll do 1600rpm at 110km/h in 6th.

  9. The new Ford Bronco has an available seven speed manual with a high first gear or a crawler "granny" gear. It isn't actually marked as first on the shifter but rather "C", with what would be sequentially second in ratios being labeled as first and so on for each subsequent gear.

  10. I never liked these.. had a couple as a kid and they always just felt like a half baked attempt to try to sell something. Not fun to play with or use.

  11. I saw on a Tyco fan website someone describing these cars like the scene in Austin Powers where he is trying to turn a Cushman cart around in a relatively narrow hallway by making small forward and reverse turning movements.

  12. Yeah, for toy grade RC, Tyco was of higher quality and blisteringly fast.

  13. Homie, I've been on the internet a long, long time. In the words of my good friend Winston Zeddemore, "I've seen shit that'll turn you white".

  14. Someone told me on another post about video games that people have some how Rule 34'd Pong.


  16. Yeah, this is tame when compared to Kiss Players; Legion with his phalic tongue, and the subtle sexual connotations even if there is nothing explicitly drawn.

  17. I'll always associate this song with good memories of playing nfs hot pursuit 2 for the gamestation

  18. "28 to county, commencing pursuit, vehicle is a red Ford Mustang Cobra R."

  19. It sounds seemless for the most part, but sometimes you can tell they pieced together the voice actor saying two different phrases, the vehicle identification phrase and then the vehicle at hand.

  20. I find it interesting they tried to implement the Animated split personality thing into the very G1 oriented Thrilling 30 Blitzwing toy, as that aspect only came into existence through Animated and was never a thing with almost any G1 style incarnation of the character.

  21. Yeah link? Also, am I reading right that these are 1:18 scale?

  22. Road Bots have come in at least four different scales, 1:12, 1:18, 1:24 (Same as Transformers: Alternators/Binaltech) and 1:32 scale. Rather interestingly, you may have a vehicle that is available at different scales, but the toys are not merely the same thing scaled up or down, the transformation mechanics and robot mode details are different. For instance, you can also get a red 1:12 scale Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution, but it is not the 1:18 scale toy upscaled, but an entirely different mold.

  23. For those of you looking for a link to Happywell's site,

  24. I wish they would require that in the US as well. Too many people buy a truck and don’t even use it for what it’s intended for. Maybe if it was forced to look more like something it actually is, the people who don’t actually need one would stop buying them.

  25. Pick-ups as a comfortable private vehicle seem to be more of a North American thing. A good example of this is how Toyota discontinued the Hilux in North America (known just simply as the "Toyota Truck" in that market) in favor of designing the Tacoma just for that continent. The Tacoma was engineered for comfort and handling when compared to the Hilux while sacrificing a bit of capability.

  26. The Bugatti veyron/chirons sold in the US have a weird divider screwed into the cargo space under the hood.

  27. This reminds me when Top Gear tested the then new S197 2005 Ford Mustang GT. Richard Hammond was so intrigued by the glow in the dark interior trunk release since such things aren't mandated in the UK. He made a reference to how you couldn't stow a hostage like in a gangster style movie because they would just get out (I think he said something about the symbol on the handle, "That man is clearly running away").

  28. I just find it funny that the premium wheels on any certain special model/limited editions become standard GT rims on the next model year.

  29. This happened with the 10-holes from the Fox-body years. They started out as GT wheels back around 1985, when the facelift occured in 1987, they then became optional on 4-cylinder LX models and for 5.0 cars, only came on the LXs. When the 5-spoke Ponies came out in 1991, they took over as the standard wheel for any 5.0 car, with the 10-holes only being available on civilian 4-cylinder LXs or police spec SSP models.

  30. I def prefer the TRI bars, but they seem to look better on other cars than they do on sn95's lmao. Trying to find a set of them for my modded/tuned Saab 9-3, going aftermarket wheels on the sn95

  31. I think people are using them as a budget alternative to Super Advans which look very similar, hence why you see them a lot on Japanese cars.

  32. man seeing all these toy companies mimic hobby grade rc with their pistol grip transmitters and "lexan" bodies makes me hurt. Scummy tactics to trick the unsuspecting kid or parent into thinking theyre buying something good. Smh.

  33. Yeah, I noticed a switch over the past few years to Lexan-style flexible bodies for some toy companies like New Bright. Pistol grip controllers on toy grade aren't anything new though, I had some from the department store as a kid.

  34. Yeah they have a blue one they made to look like a shark that’s advertised to float.

  35. Yeah, the Megalodon one says on the packaging clearly it works in water, but not so for the Grave Digger one. They have appear to have the same chassis and tires under the body, so it makes me wonder if the Megalodon's electronics are water resistant. I mean why would they avoid saying anything about water usage for the Grave Digger one other wise when the Megalodon one proudly proclaims it?

  36. Is cow themed good enough, or does she want to see living cows?

  37. I pretty sure it’s a new Isuzu D-Max

  38. Looked it up on Wikipedia and you are correct, the generation that came out in 2019. Interesting they decided to hack up a relatively newer truck to smuggle people in.

  39. This. This is why people screamed about the horse armour - they knew we would get here.

  40. To think the horse armor fiasco is 16 years behind us now, for consoles, that was the first generation when add-on content started becoming a norm.

  41. Much like the Lincoln Futra concept car getting modified into the 1960s Batmobile, this Skoda was originally a prototype that was never made into a production car. What you see here is the car after modifications were made to it for the Czech movie "The Vampire of Ferat". The car was featured in the film as a vampire car of sorts in that it ran on blood instead of gasoline.

  42. when you have no traction with a fwd car you can keep turning the wheels left and right and eventually move forward. rwd you just dig in and bury it up to the frame. been stuck in sand many times and fwd has always won in this scenario. Snow may be different, but sand is fwd or awd all day every day.

  43. Before the days of stability and traction control, on RWD cars it was a lot easier to apply too much throttle and send the rear end out in ice and snow, even with a low powered vehicle. FWD cars aren't immune to spinning out in the snow, but it is much more difficult to do, for 2WD layouts, it is the more forgiving one in winter conditions.

  44. Exactly this. The thrust from a rwd car creates an inverted pendulum scenario. The rear wants to spin around the front when it slips. It's more unstable than a fwd pulling ahead of the center of mass. While understeer and oversteer both can lead to crashes, the main downside of an understeer crash is that you're likely to crash sideways. Your crash protection - seat belts, airbags, crumple zones - work best head-on. Wrapping around a pole is pretty rough.

  45. Yeah, plowing because of FWD understeer is scary but still some what predictable, spinning out in a RWD car because you over powered the traction available to the rear wheels can be terrifying.

  46. There is a KO of the Constructicons built in the same principle, the individual robot modes had been simplified to the point some of them barely had any transformation.

  47. All that Jazz, man, for what? Looks like According to the law, we should just take her Passport to drive away

  48. The Jazz part might be unknown for some people on this part of the world, that is what the Fit is named in some markets.

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