What if the Bloomberg Terminal is Accurate? (Thought Experiment)

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"Apex directed Webull, Ally Invest, SoFi, and hundreds of other firms that clear their trades through Apex to prohibit purchases of certain highly volatile stocks...Apex sent instructions to the introducing brokers it works w/ to restrict GME, [Popcorn], and KOSS." -Direct Quote Maxine Waters Report

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  1. The transaction you describe does not do anything to FTDs.

  2. You can though with bonds and calls/puts create a synthetic short position.

  3. Or you can just buy deep in the money puts to make a bearish bet on a stock.

  4. They asked him kindly to cut it out. And since he loves the stock he complied. :)

  5. The also pointed out that he had missed a procedural step and got the court to throw it out. Something about lacking a seal on a signature or something.

  6. I think the court case was resolved last year.

  7. Gamestop filed responses that said the the vote was not manually adjusted.

  8. There was another post that quoted am SEC commissioners dissent about the bad precedent the fine established.

  9. Settled is different than your order being able to execute so op’s main point still exists, who cares and why does it matter?

  10. I don't care, but I have selected my broker carefully.

  11. So what point are you trying to make? This is about selling from computershare, not transferring or holding in a broker.

  12. Scroll back up to my first post in this series. I stated a simple point.

  13. "Suddenly quit” is a bit of a stretch.

  14. Well with the Congressional report that basically said the DTCC was within its rights not to enforce margin calls, we're probably going to see a lot more of this.

  15. You mischaracterize the congressional report. That was not margin.

  16. correct me if im wrong but collateral is what maintains the margin requirements, can you explain how it makes it any different?

  17. This is completely different than margin loans a broker makes to someone, based upon the margin equity of other holdings in the customer account.

  18. The committee was looking at risks and disruptions. Increasing PFOF by 60 and then it skyrocketing when the bid/ask spread went wide could have caused problems at the market makers

  19. You are not going to get a clear answer because shutting off the buy button and capping the kickbacks are not directly related.

  20. So, the obligation is from the short seller to the NSCC.

  21. There are mechanisms that force buy-in, but they can be gotten around via various means.

  22. Gotcha, so, the NSCC keeps track of all FTDs as they close and open.

  23. The running total of outstanding FTDs is reported every two weeks, with a two week delay.

  24. Sorry, but the above idea is FUD. You're promoting the idea that doing business with Gamestop is irrelevant. But its not, and in fact, needs to be promoted more.

  25. I agree with all of the above except for the minor correction that spending for increased inventory does not subtract from EPS. The only way inventory affect EPS is if the company has to write down the value of obsolete inventory.

  26. Not sure about that. Welcome to arguments/figures to support otherwise.

  27. Direct indexing with tax loss harvesting in an SMA is a good idea IF your situation is similar to the ones for which they report results.

  28. Great! Thanks for the recommendation, will be checking them both out.

  29. I recommend checking out Vanguard and Fidelity. Schwab sounds good also, until you realize that they have the hidden fee of keeping a large percentage of portfolios in cash.

  30. I mean, yeah. Who the fuck makes money shorting GME

  31. What if Blackrock is holds swaps for synthetic GME short positions?

  32. Answer this, what do you think happens when the imposed rebate fee cap for GME is reached?

  33. unless you are privy to the details of the deal (which you aren't), you don't know what happens. You have decided that citadel had to have done it in someway, so you are going to say they would turn off the buy button.

  34. The details of both the Citadel proposal, the RH proposal, and the meeting where they talked past each other unaware that the other had already made their proposal are all documented in the house report.

  35. RC continues to distract people from how he is doing at running the company.

  36. These are not the shorts we're looking for lol.

  37. What was the expiration date on the "Brazilian puts"?

  38. What was the expiration date on the "Brazilian puts"?

  39. The DTCC doesn't know who holds all of the shares across brokerages at any given time.

  40. If you think there are large numbers of unauthorized shares in circulation then you are disagreeing with what Gamestop filed with the court regarding voting for the 2021 Annual general Meeting:

  41. Had written more but played wordle and lost it so I will keep this shorter.

  42. There has been no credible evidence of vote trimming. Gamestop has said they on,y trimming they did is the removal of fractional votes. In their court filings they got very explicit as to how the votes were counted.

  43. A major reason for a split via stock dividend rather than a split via subdivision is that the latter has to be approved by a vote of shareholders while a stock dividend can be approved by the board of directors without shareholder approval, as long as the stock dividend does not cause issued shares to exceed the authorized limit.

  44. My granddaughter filed FAFSA because it was a requirement for being considered for some scholarships even though they were not need based.

  45. Just to clarify, I don't think you're far off with the NSCC threat theory, as it would make logical sense, but on paper, Apex denies having any issues with fluctuating capital requirements.

  46. Look at page 82 of the house report and you will see the anomalous slice info.

  47. It is all in The house report, around page 82 and 83.

  48. You ignored the most important part so you could argue obtusely. GameStop themselves can choose to withdraw from the DTCC. IIRC they would need shareholder approval, but if they wanted to, they could withdraw all of their shares and list them on a blockchain exchange (which is what some people surmise, I think it’s rather unlikely, at least in this decade). The point is, the DTCC is not end-all, be-all controller of shares. It would be a massive risk to funding to withdraw, but if the following was large enough, they could easily create liquidity in a blockchain market. It’s about erasing the possibility of cooking the books. Is it likely? Debatable. Is it possible? Absolutely. You’re just preying on people who don’t understand fully enough to explain themselves.

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