1. If this sale somehow fails. I'm def interested in this core.

  2. after the 20% discount it comes to 57.35 + pp fees to total = $59.62

  3. Last thing before confirming. Northwemko and the Rose are ulti unlims? Also toss in the Linkuriboh if you got it.

  4. yeah both of those are unlim ultis in case u were looking for 1st ed and with linkuriboh added the total comes to $57.35 + $4(both discounted applied already) + pp fees totals to $63.75 so far

  5. Alright I'll just move the REBD and Linkuriboh. Could ya DM me?

  6. How much for the I:P masq FC on the right.

  7. Will not be able to til tonight since i have work and plans after, will be about 10 hours

  8. Copy I am interested still and idm waiting if that's ok

  9. Ya ill post it athough if someone wants to buy before i get closeups ima just go with it to make it easier 😬

  10. How much for Kurikara sleeves and how many per pack?

  11. Kurikara comes with 100, i only have one pack left.

  12. Hey mate, I'll do that at that price. Mind sending me a DM? Currently out atm but will respond to close out the deal.

  13. Can you get a price for me for the Mitsu playset?

  14. 240 + fees. Are you also interested in getting the Hanzo playset as well?

  15. I saw in your previous post that you had it selling for 85% rather than 90%, are you cool with doing the 85%?

  16. I'm a bit firm on the 90% for now. The last time I put these up was to push these out ASAP, not in a rush to sell them anymore. Sorry about that.

  17. New dakis to sell including my previous - right

  18. I’m super sorry. I’ll take it though if that makes it any better :)

  19. Dw I was just kidding lol. I'll send a chat to ya

  20. Hey there, could I see more close-ups of the Roze and the BLS

  21. sure thing. lmk if this works for you

  22. Cool, I'm actually at work for awhile. Can we still move to DMs and settle this out?

  23. 2 questions before I confirm anything; 1st (might be ignorant but I’m still new to buying stuff here) when you say +fees, does it mean that the fees are already in the price? 2nd. Do you ship to Puerto Rico?

  24. Fees are from Goods and Services on Paypal. It's pretty much buyer protection. I don't usually ship internationally. You'll probably have to give me an address and I can get an estimation. Might be open to split tracking if it's reasonable.

  25. I'm currently out. I'll most likely message you later in the day

  26. https://www.reddit.com/r/YGOMarketplace/comments/12nlb6p/uscah_exosister_core_small_scareclaw_core_singles/

  27. I've got a scareclaw package if you're open to do pp for it

  28. Oh I see the guy has a full core above just go for his lol sorry about that

  29. Hey there man, is the Ghost DAD available?

  30. aight I think it's safe to say it's yours! $136 + 5 shipping and g/s sounds good?

  31. Yeah that's fine, we can move to DMs on it

  32. Interested in the Raye, BLS, Called by the Graves, and Gold Pride Leon cards.

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