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  1. And he’s got plenty of time to do that George. Less time than it took George to move out of his parents house but more time than it took George to starting pulling ladies when he started conversation by telling them he was unemployed and lived with his parents 😂

  2. Perhaps he should start doing the opposite

  3. I think he’s pretty damn good at passing for a running back

  4. What do you mean? Clearly it’s 2007 and the wildcat has come back, only way he is this great

  5. So does this mean they are going to tie?

  6. Commentators curse is too real in the NFL

  7. I literally tell the announcers to shut the fuck up out of frustration, been this way for years :(

  8. Truly no one compares to the hardest of all time

  9. Solo is special. During the entirety of the match he played his character extremely well.

  10. Out of all the Uces I seriously see Solo oozing with the most potential, he screams powerful Umaga heel energy but in his own way

  11. "And I hope and pray that Ricky is.. I think he is.. but see.. if he's not.. God bless his soul. There is nothing he can do about it.. That's predestination. Some people might think that's awfully cruel.. but that's life."

  12. Predestination is god’s way of saying “way she goes”

  13. OP is an eagles fan, according to Reddit law mods are gay, so if op becomes a mod then eagles fans are gay

  14. I read that in the tune of Doll-Dagga Buzz Buzz Ziggity Zagg lol

  15. I love the meme game stepping up in this sub

  16. Why pour salt when you shrivel like Gail the Snail? Gotta cultivate a mass of thick skin

  17. The Joel “Troell” Embiid of the nfl

  18. Daniel jones losing a point on their bye week is pretty hilarious

  19. Drip Jones about to go off this week because of this

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