I want to tell others to save themselves from this misery

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  1. I feel like I have no fucking idea where people are pulling these theories from lmao. I have seen nothing to suggest Nat didn’t partake in whatever is about to go down out there. I think it would be pretty outlandish to think any of them survived without partaking in some pretty heinous shit

  2. The only thing that comes to my mind is when Misty and Nat go on the road-trip she asks for chocolate (reluctantly) and Misty gets chocolate (a Snickers, lol) for Nat and jerky for herself. When Nat sees Misty’s’ jerky she says, “really?? “ in disgust. They did have to preserve the meat somehow…

  3. Yeah but I feel like that has more to do with Misty genuinely enjoying it whereas Nat probably just did it due to circumstances lol

  4. My current favorites are : Apres by Klutch for pain. Skunk Berry by Cokoh for anxiety/ getting stuff done

  5. Yes, but ai keep keep searching for new things that may bring me happiness. This week it’s paper crafting. Adhd plus a chronic illness; may it keep me going 🫠

  6. I want a movie with Jenna Ortega, Aubrey Plaza, and Christina Ricci as sisters. Or maybe Christina is the mom, although I still think she can pull off the former.

  7. Having just watched Aubrey Plaza in White Lotus her and Ricci would have to play sisters or maybe partners and Jenna is their daughter. They don’t know whose DNA she has. They did a mix 😉 I don’t know where to go from here but we have a cast!

  8. Where/ to whom do we make our offerings for this to be a thing?

  9. Love chocolate babka but I haven’t been brave enough to attempt a bake. Looks brilliant 👌

  10. You should definitely give it a go! It wasn’t as labor intensive as I was expecting - I know you can do it! ♥️

  11. You give me heart- literally. If I attempt it I’ll report back ❤️

  12. I don’t want to go to any family gatherings and really miss having a “legitimate”excuse.

  13. Every time I speculate in this subreddit, I get downvoted or no one says anything. Those Re the two options. So guess I’m the Misty of the group.

  14. If anyone who is craftier than me knows of a good way to attach the crown that’d be helpful. I don’t need it to be completely bullet proof, but it is for a 3 year old, so I’m not sure emers glue will do it?

  15. So, I made a recent hat whipped cream with cherry hat for an energetic child (my kid) and used hot glue to secure the cherry and it fell off. Twice. My actual suggestion— if possible— might be holes on either side of the crown and two holes in the top of the head and sew/ loop/seclude them together so it can with stand jumps, bobs and twirls.

  16. Oh, interesting! It feels snug, but I definitely didn’t jump around in it any. Lol.

  17. ‘Twas a cute hat till he popped his cherry 🍒 😏 Hope my costuming mishap can lead to a complete secure rat king crown. (Amazing , btw!) hope they love it as much as we’ll all do 🥰

  18. In most cases the one who "lucky to get a job" usually ended up losing due to horrible treatment on the upper management.

  19. She played that man to get that story, too. Can you imagine how much he face palmed after that call-ended. This woman is legend.

  20. My step-nephew once asked at a family dinner how much rat poison it would take to kill someone. I said how about you Google that. That’s something I definitely want a search history for 😳

  21. 24” inch Kippie renamed to Bluey; saves my from all the sadness.

  22. I see 1:11 all the time. It’s my birthday (though not birth time). The number sequence or close to it also appears in all numbers randomly assigned to me.

  23. Sigh, I hear you, re: recurring no-contact periods. Thank you for saying this, because I feel a little crazy... I keep thinking, if you're my friend wouldn't you hear everything I've said and go, "uhh yeah I'm never in a million years working with that person, not only because they sound miserable, but more importantly because they hurt you and continue to do so (even if I don't fully understand your situation)"???

  24. I wonder if your friend has been using you to get this opportunity. Not to stir the pot, but you mention how often she brings it up. might also be why she finds your sisters treatment of you easy to ignore.

  25. I may have trust issues. No idea where that might come from 😏

  26. Woodward distillate is just as bad. Yellow in color and tastes awful. Avoid them too. The worst cart I've ever tried.

  27. THIS!!! I just tried them for the first time and hate them. “Natural terpenes”. Think they’re a bit heavy-handed adding the flavors… I could taste blueberry or grape for half an hour. Blergh. No affects for me. Wrote them and they didn’t respond, either. If you use a lower voltage battery they don’t taste quite as bad, but at 3.6v or higher it’s just the worst thing I’ve ever tasted.

  28. Same here! I have ADHD and am in a group for women with ADHD and the moms there really struggle…I would lose my mental health for sure, especially seeing how so many of them struggle in their relationships with their spouses after 1+ kids. I love what I have with my boyfriend too much to fuck it up by creating a new human who depends entirely on us.

  29. I didn’t know I had adhd. Motherhood made it abundantly clear. If I knew now what I knew then; I wouldn’t have had kids. I’m drowning every single day.

  30. My son would go crazy for that broccoli. Gonna have to go inside a Walgreens.

  31. her death ruined the season for me.

  32. My insane theory— is that Portia is in the will. Thus, when Tanya realizes it’s about the will she says Me and YOU need to get the hell out of Italy!

  33. I'm not sure whether it was done consciously or in her sleep. At the end when they're announcing the election results the little smirk she gave at the end I found chilling. Also in the very beginning not sure which episode it was but it was when Lottie first started having visions. Lottie had seen Tai outside in the middle of the night eating dirt and when she asked Tai about it Tai denied it, but had a look like OMG somebody saw me. Also it was Tai's idea for Simone and Sammy to leave for awhile.

  34. I also gasped and then just sat with a dumbfounded smile for far too long. This getting me though the next few months 😅

  35. The dispensary is just a retailer, they purchase pre-packaged product and have absolutely zero control over what’s inside. I would absolutely pursue a refund, politely and within the bounds of their stated refund policy. But please don’t go Karen mode and bitch at a dispo Budtender

  36. The grower also claims that the dispo as point of sale is responsible for refund; with vendor approval. This is what the last grower/ vendor/ producer told me. Seems like there really is no recourse. I’d be happy to learn otherwise. ( I have had ONE producer refund. Even the dispensary was shocked.)

  37. Since I was very young (age 9 or 10 I think), I've had thoughts that I was going to die young. The older I got, the age 24 just kept reoccurring. I'll be 24 in a few months. I have appointments for neurologists for a suspected brain tumor coming up. Nothing is certain or set but this all feels very weird.

  38. My age of doom was 27. I had a friend one year older than me who also had the doom feeling and thought 28. We thought maybe we’d die in the same incident…. We have drifted apart over the years and as of today I’m a decade older and in a couple weeks so will he be. May your doom year pass uneventfully.

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