1. No. And how dare you to order me around with your filthy imperative.

  2. If you'd be flawless, you wouldn't waste your time debating with "hellish" people like me on reddit. Gj mate

  3. I am so flawless that I have more time and anyone else in my life

  4. Yet you choose to spend it so poorly instead of doing anything that has value/meaning. Wow. Just as dumb as me.

  5. Not sure if it helps, but I'll try anyway. Our son was about 2, 3 years old, when he started biting other peoples noses. He would smile, caress their cheeks and then bite. It was a show of affection for him, he just didn't know that it hurts. So, we'll, we told him. "No, don't do this, this hurts! We know you mean we'll, do this instead" and we gave him a kissing his nose. He eventually stopped biting noses, but wasn't that keen on giving kisses on the nose either :D he instead demanded them

  6. Good way to redirect. Thank you!

  7. Cool, very clean, especially the stripes. The tabard looks a bit gross, tbh, I would revisit it with deep red in the recess areas and a lighter red on the highlights, but besides that, they look really nice.

  8. just let people live peacefully, why would you need to ruin their religious beliefs..

  9. I think the urge is understandable when you see the damage that religious dogmatism does. I think, I would be much more tolerant towards religion myself, if I wouldn't have been raised in a fundamentalistic household.

  10. Hier, nimm meinen Runterwähli, damit dein Pfosten integer bleibt!

  11. In general I like that turquoise. I would tone it down, though, glaze some darkblue in the shadowy sides as well as mixing it with a light yellow for the highlights.

  12. Yes, there is. American Women. Maybe someone like Andrew Tate can help you finding a shop where to buy them.

  13. Wenn es die Sprache nicht gibt, kann es kein Land sein? Google mal "österreichisch".

  14. I've got an atlan force SRC Rubricae and Sorcerer. They're pretty cool, I just need to properly paint them.

  15. I used them in two games and did not experience them as particularly useful. They are cheap indeed, but they are not good in anything they do. Even If you give them melde weapons only and buff them up with spells and stratagems (which I would not do, because TS have much better stratagems to spend in), they only so average damage. One might think they are effektive against other cheap infantry models, but they just don't dish out enough attacks, if you ask me. I think the points are better spent ob rubricae instead, which grant you more cabal points, fire power, durability, psychic actions, synergies with better stratagems and since they have OS as well, I so not see a good reason to choose Tzaangors over them.

  16. You could base coat them silver and paint the plates with purple ink, on the highlighted areas with blue ink. That will give the purple an interesting metallic sheen.

  17. I like this idea - just one question, I am new to painting what do you mean by highlighted areas?

  18. I'll explain it by a practical example: hold your hand up and notice how much lighter it is where the light impacts. So if you've got a shoulderpad for example and the light comes right from up above, the upper parts of the shoulder pad would appear much lighter than the lower ones. If you paint your models with keeping this in mind, they will appear much more like miniature versions of the "real thing" (I mean, who hasn't seen a rubric marine yet, right?) and less like painted plastic.

  19. Just spam tzaangors, they aren't worth their point costs at all right now and he will have a blast wrecking them. If you really want him to win, put in a hellbrute as well, since they don't really synergize with any TS mechanics.

  20. Good question. I started painting mine over a gold base coat, but it got really hard to make the blue contrast stand out, because I always had to take care not to accidentally paint over the golden trims. I think I will give the other wayaround a shot and airbrush the army in blue with a teal transition first. Then of course I have to be careful not to hit the platings...

  21. All of the other troops are rendered in their standard blue/gold armour with purple cloths.

  22. Ich bin die westfalener Datenkrake und ich liebe diesen Pfosten!

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