1. Meanwhile, here in Australia, they increased the pension age from 65 to 67, and no one batted an eye.

  2. The French will riot and protest about anything. Whenever they're in the news, more like than not it's the weekly protest.

  3. They literally confessed nothing though

  4. All they said was it's not morally wrong to be a pedo if nobody is harmed. They said nothing about whether they were attracted to children

  5. Pedophilia is a mental illness that people need to get help for. It's not "okay" to be one even if you don't act upon it. If you want to fuck children, you don't just go "oh well if I don't go and fuck real children it's okay", you go and get serious help.

  6. Get the mod that adds fantasy races instead of the vanilla ones and you've got some prime dwarf larp going there

  7. The identity of whoever sent it isn’t shown, so we’re missing context. Crazy how everyone just made up their own conclusions with their own biases and then commented them in this post. I’m a guy and there are some dumb ass guys in here.

  8. So we can't say he isn't a rapist because we don't know who he is and if he isn't actually a rapist?

  9. You gotta underatand that it's pretty absurd to say "cops are heroes" and ALSO say "anyone looking to snitch on their fellow officers for being corrupt is seen as a "rat" and either harassed or threatened out of the force"...?

  10. Corrupt or not, their lives are still on the line. Just because some of them are douchebags doesn't put them in any less danger.

  11. Corrupt cops are bad people. They still put their lives on the line by being cops, therefore I consider them heroes. I consider all cops to be heroes, even if some don't deserve the title.

  12. Nothing makes me want to not watch a video more than "stitch incoming"

  13. Worried for a degenerate ass furry.... nah let it burn

  14. Hopefully this won't be the same kind of thing as George Osborne's infamous (in Financial and Economics circles) "avoiding of a Recession" in 2012 by simply not using the standard formulas for calculating Real GDP thus producing an Official (i.e. Real) GDP number which showed "only" a double dip when the exact same data from the Office of National Statistics when fed to the standard GDP formulas produced a different result which showed a Recession.

  15. Redditors when anything good happens to the UK (the hivemind must be reminded that Tory Bad)

  16. The fact you immediately brand me a nationalist because I don't take a shit on my own country at every possible opportunity like some

  17. So there's no way I can do it in blueprints? That sucks, I don't know anything about C++

  18. It sounds racist, but the description is pretty accurate. There are verifiable accounts of them living like this.

  19. You're still dodging my point expertly. It's okay, I know confronting different opinions is too scary.

  20. I've watched the trailers and some clips and it looks absolutely abysmal.

  21. "The brexit food crisis hasn't even started yet" doesn't rhyme with tomatoes at all.

  22. /un shitpost for a sec what the fuck this is Chinese propaganda on TikTok this ain’t even a doo doo fard moment it’s straight scary, just what the fuck.

  23. If the government locks them up - yes, it is the governments responsibility to be above the morality of the individuals who are incarcerated. That means that the government is quite literatlly the ward of the people in those prisons and should have to bare responsibility for their safekeeping.

  24. Good luck with that. You want a bunch of violent criminals to stop being violent, and you're going to blame the government for them not stopping?

  25. Then how come there’s almost no riots in places like Denmark? Explain yourself

  26. Redditors are so obsessed about simping for Scandinavia and the points they make are so meaningless. You can say there are "almost no riots" in any country and it wouldn't be true, because I can easily look up riots in Denmark.

  27. As an eternal DM, I'd say homophobia is a bit weird to have in your campaign. Racism, however, is kind of a given due to the massive physical and often mental differences between D&D races, far moreso than any difference you'd find in the real world. I don't find that weird, because you would expect it given the existing lore.

  28. So if someone makes a joke about me it's political? Just stop taking memes seriously.

  29. Do you know what a fascist is, OP, or do you just get your opinions from the internet?

  30. "nooooo I want my heckin reddit wholesome brutalityyyyy nooo stop disagreeing with mmeeeeeeEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!"

  31. There's some serious overreacting here to a fairly minor car accident.

  32. And then the cop did everything he could in his police report to blame it on the woman.

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