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  1. Im completely confused by this "meme". What is it trying to say? As far as i know childrens school dances are still a thing. What is this trying to say? I genuinely want to know cause i have stared at this for way longer then i want to admit and i just still dont get it. I just dont get it.

  2. Notice how every kid in the picture is white and dancing with a member of the opposite sex? Yeah, it's fashy propaganda.

  3. I'm working my way through all the Arrowverse shows and ping-ponging my way back and forth between Netflix (Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl) and HBO Max for Batwoman. It's so weird.

  4. i’m sorry you have to watch batwoman

  5. I will accept nothing other than the 90's rookie of the year where a 12 year old breaks his arm and suddenly becomes an amazing pitcher for the cubs, this was as close as the cubs got to a winning franchise until 2016. Idk how popular this movie was outside the Chicago area but it was in heavy rotation during summer camp/school movie days lol.

  6. Yessss, my brother and I loved that movie when we were little! Such a dumb movie but so fun.

  7. I like that idea when presented in a vacuum, but the thing is outside of this, we are compatible. We have no issues.

  8. If you regularly go to church services you'll become familiar with the "preacher story".

  9. Which is so weird! The bible is full of parables, Jesus didn't just make stuff up to prove a point whenever he wanted.

  10. Sorry, to clarify - parables are clearly marked as "stories to teach a lesson." Jesus wasn't out there saying that these things happened to his buddy Mephibosheth or something.

  11. Agreed. I may not agree with some of the political crap in the state, but I do enjoy living here.

  12. The biggest problem with Ohio is the decay outside of the big 3 cities and a few suburbs of the other cities. Youngstown, Toledo, Dayton, Akron, Canton, Lima, Marion, etc are well below average places to live in the US. Now if you live in the best suburbs of Columbus, Cleveland or Cincinnati, you have a far above average lifestyle at below average prices. Edit: removed Findlay

  13. Canton has rough spots downtown, but there are a ton of nice areas right around it. North Canton, Green, Fairlawn, Copley - all Akron/Canton area towns with good schools and nice (in some cases very nice houses).

  14. I do enjoy the cute little smiley period products! Might as well make it fun.

  15. "Sanitary napkin" sounds like it's trying to hide the fact that they're used for periods, like it's embarrassing to say in public or something lol. A relic of the olden days I guess?

  16. Yeah, it's got that ring of old-fashioned embarrassed decorum to it. Same with "feminine hygiene" - just call them menstrual hygiene products!

  17. Our local hot dog shop closes at 7pm, but opens at 10pm (I think) and stays open until after bar close. College town and the hot dog place is near all the downtown bars. They are open mid/late spring until weather starts to get cold consistently, but they open for one night in the winter when the town has the night time parade heading into the holidays.

  18. I also imagine it makes it more efficient for the cleaners too - a couple of rooms needing cleaned together in one section vs. spread out all over the floor.

  19. "Tee hee, grown ups are squeamish about butts, I bet if I poke someone in the buttcheek it'll make a big uproar!" - plausible but occam's razor says someone's taught the kid to "tickle"

  20. Yeah, little kids find butts to be the height of humor. But the word "tickle" here is making my mandated reporter senses uncomfy.

  21. we've come full circle. even the attack helicopters are nonbinary

  22. Amazing, the one funny incarnation of the attack helicopters onejoke!

  23. If I had a nickel for every time someone unexpectedly referenced Irving from Cathy this week, I would have two nickels. That's not a lot, but it's weird it happened twice.

  24. I feel like everyone knew that was clearly forbidden so no one even tried. Heck, I doubt they even let "respectable" women into bars...

  25. And roofing! Grew up near Ohio Amish country and dad always hired Amish roofers because they were efficient and good quality.

  26. As you should not, good human! This is a bombastic picture-it sent me back lol

  27. Same! As someone who was also in 6th grade in 1999, I would fully believe that this middle aged lesbian woman was in my class.

  28. That there is a mighty fine piece of dwarven metal you got there, I'll give ya 25 septims for it

  29. I’m just a little younger than you and got the old school in person bullying of people throwing pudding cups at me while screaming homophobic slurs, and the early online bullying when kids would gang up on you on AIM, print out the bullying exchanges, and bring them to school to show everyone the next day so the bullying could continue in person. It followed you home and then back to school. It was awful, and must be 1000 times worse now. At least in the late 90’s and early 2000’s the computer didn’t live in your pocket.

  30. Yeahhh, I was in middle school in the late '90s and one of my "best friends" ran a private forum and chat for our circle. It was awful. I also got cyber-bullied off of Xanga by the same kids a few years later...

  31. Hard to believe I was alive when the country looked like this.

  32. No no, True Christians™ know that actually means grape juice. See, the Bible is 100% literal truth except when it's not.

  33. I'm confused though by the sub name. Cats don't have cloacas

  34. It's not a cat specific sub, just animals in general. I imagine they picked cloaca since it's an animal specific body part.

  35. I don’t recall hearing about the Titanic in kindergarten. Guess my early education has a hole in it.

  36. Just realized my classroom covers all these bases - my book basket currently has a nonfiction picture book about space and a chapter book about the Titanic, and I have a set of dinosaur magnets on the whiteboard...

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