1. Paying off for whom? The land is owned by an investment firm that rents it out to tenant farmers. Tenant farming has a horrible history of exploitation and I don't see any good reason for an investment firm to change that pattern out of their good nature. It's a similar model to the pork and poultry industry where the folks with the capital provide land, equipment, product and/or other services disguised as amenities that will sooner or later be used to squeeze the renter dry where they can barely eke out a subsistence living. Plus, the guy is growing almonds, which are not environmentally sustainable by any measure because of they are so water intensive among other reasons. Organic farming should be about people, planet and yes, profits, absolutely. But the profits, in the spirit of true sustainability, should go directly to the farmer, as an owner, not a renter. Renting out the land for organic production gives a superficial veneer of sustainability, but it's not about people, and it's not about the planet, it's about profits. The fact that the NYT basically wrote a puff piece press release for Farmland without providing any kind of alternative perspective just proves my point. Anyone who thinks this is sustainable only has a superficial understanding of the concept.

  2. We definitely don't want tenant farming for anything more than a temporary aid, but living in the capitalist "free market" system we have, it's important to consider this is not tenant farming for Bill Gates/Bayer/Monsanto/industrial farming and corrects for a couple significant failures in our present system:

  3. The sustainable solution for every paywall:

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  7. You aren't going to find anything as nonstick as a Teflon pan. I'd go for a very well-seasoned cast iron or a well-seasoned carbon steel.

  8. You're absolutely right. British troops are used to working with a potentially hostile population on account of Northern Ireland and the troubles there.

  9. Are you trying to say that gun carriers shooting police is another example that guns for all doesn't protect police carrying guns? That would be an excellent observation given the number of cases of US police being shot in highly white areas recently.

  10. People exposed to weedkiller chemical glyphosate have cancer biomarkers in urine – study by top US government scientists: Study measured glyphosate in urine and found high levels associated with signs of oxidative stress

  11. There are lots of very benign things that raise oxidative stress. For example: eating, breathing...

  12. As the news report makes clear to those who actually read it, top US government scientists recently confirmed it does again. If you'd like more, studies, check out

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