1. I was in Wanblee, SD in July for a memorial for my cousin, who is Lakota. We ate bison at the memorial, that they shot. It was really cool seeing small herds of bison, while driving around the Rez.

  2. How was the flavor? I had some traditionally prepared bison way back and it was phenomenal.

  3. It was in a stew, and tasted like a really good, lean meat. We also had fry bread, chokecherries, and assorted Western dishes and sides.

  4. Back around 2007, I bought a new Harley. I work on old cars and bikes as a hobby, so I ordered a vanity plate from the CA DMV, to read...."SCRDRVR", ...screwdriver. Got a letter back saying that it was offensive, and that I was denied.

  5. In the early days, he had a gang called the Mercenaries, and they would beat up non locals when they played shows near Venice. If they came to Hollywood, SFV etc, they would beat up locals. Later, the dropped the Mercenaries name, and started Suicidals,

  6. So one example trumps all other situations, and we should not do anything at all?

  7. I know he did some interviews when it happened, but he generally doesn't like to be noticed.

  8. Yikes. I agree that pedos are bad, but can't help but wonder what kind of precedent this sets for future investigations into other branches of crime.

  9. Police have used bait cars, to catch car thieves, since before the internet.

  10. Wife and I watch bits and pieces of it. Our family used to own a building on Amsterdam and 76th, a few blocks from where they blow up the balloons, and where the parade starts. We went to NYC almost every Thanksgiving through the 90s and 2000s, and would walk over and watch the parade.

  11. I don't....maybe the theme, but not the artistic style.

  12. That was/is a gang street for one of LA's oldest gangs, CPA (Canoga Park Alabama). Alabama between Sherman Way, and the wash, was considered a no-go when I was a kid. A friend of mine was shot a dozen times and killed in 1994, on the corner of Sherman Way and Alabama.

  13. Yes...I plan to buy one soon. Just waiting to see if they go on sale.

  14. I was getting a tat from Riley Baxter at Sunset Tattoo in the early 1990s, and I had just gotten off a 10-hour shift, and was dead tired. The tat was on my lower leg, over my shin. I fell asleep, while he was working on me.

  15. My parents bought their West Hills, CA home in 1968 for $24.5K ($209,807.30 in 2022), on a combined income of $28k ($239,779.77 in 2022). The house was appraised early this year for $1.3M. They had a fixed mortgage of $106/month which is paid off, and because of Prop 13, property tax is currently around $1,100 per year.

  16. Sure, after I inherit the house, and the Prop 13 property tax.

  17. My uncle was in the Flying Tigers in China, during WW2. At his funeral at Forrest Lawn, there was a flyover like this in his honor...I think it was called a “missing pilot” formation.

  18. That is super cool. It would explain the missing plane on the end there.

  19. When they did it, there were five planes at first, then as they flew over the funeral, one plane flew off, as if crashing, or was shot down. Some of the veterans there explained to me what was happening.

  20. I got in a pissing match with the "Pro-Choice" protesters that threw "fake blood" on the steps of LACMA, which splattered onto the "Urban Light" art installation. They could not get it in their heads that I was "Pro-Choice", and still thought they were assholes for defacing art. They kept calling me an idiot "Pro-Lifer", because they felt that if I didn't support their way of protesting, that it meant that I was against the message.

  21. Did they accuse you of being part of the problem? Because that’s happened to me on a handful of occasions when I’ve tried to explain how their tactics and actions do more harm than good to the cause.

  22. NO SHIT. Ffs I still wear mine from time to time…now where’s me musket…

  23. Rick Caruso was going spend his own money to help the homeless and fix Los Angeles, if he had won… but let’s see how Karen bass deals with this crisis …

  24. Discharge, Crucifix and CRASS are some bands that have anti-war songs.

  25. Masks do work to some extent...Do you think medical professionals wear them for entertainment?

  26. This is from the Mayo Clinic, not FOX...So, if you have trouble understanding it, you could ask your teacher for help.

  27. I met Gene in 1994 in the Forum Club, when I saw Nirvana at the LA Forum. I'm 6'4", and he did not seem "tiny", and we were pretty much eye to eye....but he might have had lifts on.

  28. I really feel bad for anyone still working there, can you imagine having this much instability at your job?

  29. I worked in IT for Goldman Sachs in 2007...after working for one company that was bought out, which was then bought by Goldman...all within six months. That was pretty unstable.

  30. Yeah... I think Twitter's got you beat on this one, though.

  31. Just within a mile of where I live, I have met or seen these people over the years.... Dave Grohl, Lady Gaga, William Shatner, Janet Jackson, Micky Rourke, Arnold Swartznegger, Jay Leno, Alan Alda Betty White, David Lee Roth, Jessica Lange, Erik Estrada, Ed O'Neill, Charlton Heston, Kanye West, Brad Pitt, and others.

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