1. Costa Rica is the place you are looking for.

  2. What condition(s) do you have that you’re trying to treat specifically? Pain treatment here can be a total crapshoot and as you know cost of living can vary widely through the US too. Is there a particular area you have in mind? If not I would say look for the best medical care you can find for your situation and then move close to that but also outside of the city to avoid smoke, smog, etc. I’m happy to try to help further but we need more info as to your condition, what med/therapies/etc you need and what areas you’d be open to moving to.

  3. Honestly I am having a flareup right now and feel like nowhere is worth it i just don't want to die because I don't want the patriarchy and the xploitative medical system to win.

  4. Yeah I am a US citizen need to figure outbhow to do this sounds like the best idea

  5. Definitely not 12. If you are 12 please protect yourself because men are approaching you for the wrong reasons.

  6. Could be something else like a particular pesticide which is why not all things give you the same response. Or you toxic load simply flares because it's always right at capacity so all of then cause issues but it will just go off every time you tip the load over.

  7. I meant make him do it. If you're in more pain than him I don't understand why you're doing it.

  8. No the doctors mean the former you are too generous with that interpretation. I often ask point blank and they genuinely believe the pain is psychosomatic

  9. Ik you replied to another comment not my post but just to say Im certainly not ableist lol. This post was made about my experiences which I know many share of being asked "is the real reason you cant go and see your friends because of a low mood?" and ignoring the fact its because of my debiliating pain that is so far untreated. They constantly tell people with chronic issues "your pain is because of your depression, or anxiety" even if that person says they dont have depression or anxiety.

  10. Yes mental issues can be a symptom of a chronic debilitating illness. They are a reactive element of the disease not constitutive. Very frustrating doctors with all their supposed training have zero understanding of this. Make sure next time to ask them if they understand the difference and then clarify what they are asking. If they disagree about it being a reactive element move on.

  11. Maybe you could tell them you're embarrassed to have them be your family. Honestly might be easier to cut them off

  12. I use herbs regularly. Haven’t 100% cured myself, not yet at least, but I’m able to manage it now. I don’t get as many outbreaks (I used to have them every week, sometimes daily), and when I do, it’s usually because I had too much arginine (ie: nuts), and can easily address the symptoms.

  13. I wish Americans fucking understood this. It’s insane how much stockholm syndrome the Americans have towards healthcare. They defend it like an idiot family member. “I don’t care if he’s stupid, he’s ours! If you don’t like it, leave us!”

  14. That's not fair to the idiot family member. An idiot family member cannot be changed. It is a single living being.

  15. America actually pays more when you add in medical insurance.

  16. Yes. So many peoole don't understand this. We are paying basically the same amount but our costs are astronomically higher.

  17. Back at my firm but was in house for a few years.

  18. Lot of people in Asia do this too. Not sure what percentage have never counted. I think the parking forwards is an American thing due to more space

  19. I reflect on this often. I think the only way to get out of it is to become an integrative health practitioner and grow a garden so I can afford the therapy I need, the supplements I want, and the garden just for my own health benefits.

  20. Recommend looking into PEMF and HOCATT. I was really sick and those two therapies really benefitted me. You can message me if you life but I know your condition is different so ignore if it doesn't look right for you.

  21. One time I was biking and an old lady shouted it at me across the street. I told her it was rude and kept going. People are...often disappointing g and undereducated about these issues.

  22. Infections can be a physical trau.a that leave long lasting damage. Cysts often have a root cause infection.

  23. Uh. Not sure if you were being sarcastic but you're not a hypochondriac your doctors are just incompetent.

  24. Well not sarcastic per se my physicians truly believe I am. That is a battle I’m facing. I will look into your recommendation. Thank you.

  25. You can read some of my old posts comments and see if any of the stuff I say is helpful.

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