1. Try putting them in the freezer in a plastic bag. This kills the bacteria causing the odor. Also removing the insoles and opening the shoes and leaving them in the sun does similar. Will probably require repeatedly doing these but should help.

  2. Noooo!!!! I didn't know who he was and looked him up and he's the voice of Flynn from Tangled :(

  3. This 100%! I highly doubt that all the casual physical contact with his coworkers is necessary, why can't he ask them to tone it down? It's incredibly unfair for you to have to constantly alter your habits around your husband. In my opinion, by letting everyone else get him "touched out" and thereby making it impossible for him to be physically affectionate with his spouse, your husband is damaging your relationship.

  4. It’s because it’s easier to police one person (his wife) than set boundaries with a whole bunch of co-workers. I’m not saying that right, but I bet that’s his point of view.

  5. Isn’t it mainly Colin that gives of a really negative vibe? (Can’t really rewatch to confirm atm, but I seem to recall wondering about it)

  6. She doesn’t like it because of the haircut. It’s a three-Stooges haircut

  7. I am expecting an update telling us that you listened to the consensus and your sis was your MoH and you had the most fabulous wedding looking the amazing you that you are. Hopefully everything goes well for you. Congratulations on your engagement 💕

  8. Idk... my friend who comes from a wealthy family had a thrifted and homemade wedding. She is big into the the environment, and tries to live a garbage free life. The wedding was amazing. The theme was something borrowed, something blue. All the family broke out their old serving and dish sets from storage. The vintage table settings were all borrowed from relatives, same with the silver candelabras for centerpieces. The flowers were from the aunts garden. The food was the best because they used the money to get a top-tier caterer. The wedding was classy and low-key, and you could feel the love from everyone and everything in the room.

  9. I think the character of James Bond is a misogynistic throwback that they've tried desperately to drag into the 21st century over the past few iterations to varying success. He fits an archetype, which many people can't let go of. As such, I don't think it would suit Pedro, not that he couldn't smash it he is a phenomenonal actor. But I personally wouldn't want to see him embodying such archetypal behaviour. As for Latin spice, I think that would cause a riot in Britain!

  10. Damn. I was gonna say “she was being a cunt but he didn’t need to drag her” but after hearing that, fuck her so much. Entitled rich bitch.

  11. I keep her at arms length and only have superficial interactions when necessary, eg at family functions. I would cut her off but it would also cut off most of the rest of my family, and I’m not ready to do that yet. My mother is very careful not to rage at me in front of other people though. She acts super nice and agreeable when she knows she’s being watched, and she pretends she has never said a single negative thing to me ever. But if she does start (sometimes she can’t resist throwing a few insults or accusations when she thinks no one else is listening) I just repeat what she said in a louder voice so other people can hear, and she immediately stops.

  12. Good God! Babbi. Mad props to you, you had to develop those coping skills, really clever to repeat her verbal diarrhoea to keep her in check. It’s bizarre that her husband still wants to be with her even though he seems to have her figured out. Maybe some people love the challenge. He better not get sick ever though, as soon as she thinks he’s vulnerable I can imagine he’s gonna get it in the neck. But I’m really glad that at least he’s got your back.

  13. From what I can tell, my mother and her husband both seem to think that they are now too old to find anyone else, so they stick together and bicker a lot. I generally try to stay out of their conflicts. I’m just not interested in the drama to be honest, and neither is he, but he just ignores it for the most part. He’s older than my mother and has a traditional view of marriage, so if he gets food and the house is clean, he seems happy.

  14. I am so glad you are out of that. I feel exhausted just reading your description of her. It’s so so sad that some parents are fucking their kids up. In an ideal world all the narcissists would be infertile.

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