1. I love how the Risen Valstrax armor turns me into a Megazord from Power Rangers Samurai.

  2. Yet both World and Iceborne brought new monsters in title updates (Kulve, Safi) and also revamped Alatreon and Fatalis. They also brought in Behemoth, Leshen and Ancient Leshen.

  3. Keeping it real, I rather have Velkhana than mostly any other Elder Dragon in World. I don’t care what anybody conveys, Ancient Leshen is NOT a good fight.

  4. Oh wow! I didn’t even know they were made by the same person, then again, I don’t remember the creator(s) of the mods I download anyways. This person deserves a well-deserved break for all of that!

  5. Just read the wiki and all I got say is this…

  6. Coming from world to rise, the difference is insane. People don't even use them in multiplayer.

  7. I NEVER used flash-bangs in World Iceborne because they were nerfed for whatever reason. Flash-pods in Rise now, are only really used to prevent large moves on low health, that’s all really.

  8. I’m sorry… what’s the infinity furnace, again?

  9. One of the pack's custom machines, it's used to make some of the high tier alloys in chapter 9

  10. 1.12.2 lacks 1.18.2's sweeping worldgen changes which a lot of mods adore. I'd much rather stop on 1.18.2

  11. Seems kinda redundant, don’t you think? They don’t necessarily NEED the world changes and why bother with that at all when not all of the content is available anyways?

  12. Are you stupid? Whatever they're working on can't be... THAT LARGE to justify a long development cycle, it's like a game that's still unfinished for several years when it's basically finished already. It's not like they're redoing ALL of the assets (blocks, mobs, and whatnot), it's just new content.

  13. Honestly… when people attempt to “hide” stuff in their world because it’s relevant whatever “plot” they have in their “narrative”, like how certain Sci-Fi documents are [REDACTED] for no good reason.

  14. Not everyone has quick-dial access to a legendary with time-space bending powers.

  15. Yes, everyone that’s not an evil team has easy access to a legendary Pokémon with time-reversal powers.

  16. How long until it gets cancelled like the rest of them?

  17. Wow, actually better lore than the official video-games… but you don’t really need to try that hard to outdo the lore.

  18. Honestly, I’ll take a Metagross in real-life so I can convince to do my taxes for me.

  19. Safi was not the best implementation of a siege, I'd honestly rather fight Lao Shan Lung

  20. I wouldn’t blame you at-least because Lao-Shan Lung allows single-player mobility and enjoyment. I understand wanting players to engage with others… but I don’t believe players shouldn’t be necessarily forced to engage with multiplayer.

  21. You what’s the worst part about that Alatreon Battle… the gear sucks. The weapons are fine, but the armor has such terrible unique skills, you’re better off with either True Dragonvein Awakening or Raging Brach gear AFTER THE FIGHT.

  22. I don’t even believe they play Elden Ring, considering the bosses do the EXACT SAME THING this person is complaining about in the first place.

  23. I have encountered SO many posts like this for no reason, I don’t know why? There’s also the thing of complaining about having the monster do the same thing, over and over and over again, but… that’s just video-games, mate.

  24. Literally Capcom’s best selling game ever made.

  25. Favorite Moment from this particular title overall?

  26. Good Lord, SkyBlock is literally: “Economy, The Videogame!”

  27. This is the famous "The Giant" boss. Literally a model of giant zombie, who I just trap in the corner and then hit 150-200 times

  28. Wow! I never heard of that boss, then again… I more than likely know why!

  29. Hold on, what boss is this? The Creeper Boss or is it another one that I’m not aware of in the first place, haven’t played in several years, btw.

  30. What is going on with these comments? It’s like a circus filled with clowns or something.

  31. "The titans are putting stuff in the water that turns the frickin' dragons gay!" -

  32. “There was no Titan Massacre! All of the Spirits are paid actors!” - Jones.

  33. I dont really see this as toxic, considering all the rivers of blood spam that happened in the beginning, not to mention the scarlet rot status effect spam. Yes, i used scarlet breath during my runs, hwlped with a lot of bosses and crowds, but i only used it in pvp if someone was toxic, or broke the soulsborne pvp etiquette first. Moonlit greatsword and spells isnt toxic, trust me, considering greatswords and colossal swords are still technically some of the slower weapons considering how fast one handed swords, fists and claws hit, and how far whip users can reach with dual whip fast attack speed. Youre fine, no need to worry. Youre not toxic or unfair

  34. My goodness, I remember near the beginning of Elden Ring, I just invaded people in Redmane Castle and Rennala’s Library with Scarlet Breath Incantation and melted people with it.

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