1. Think that one day when you're old and a grandparent, you'll be like our grandparents who used to tell us stories from World War II. You'll tell to your lovely nephews about the time you watched a guy ejaculating in a pan on a Reddit video and imagine how proud they'll be, exclaiming, 'Wow, Grandpa, you're a hero! You watched it for real?' As you look around at the sunset in the desert created by the atomic bombs of the third world war, thinking of yourself as a hero of your time and you remember the taste of the last cheeseburger you've eaten in 2023 before the ban of the meat of 2024.

  2. I’m just wondering why OP censored the “t” in cunts

  3. Because bloody mods banned me from half of reddit for my videos and I'm trying to survive 💀💀💀

  4. Imagine the amount of cum that can be stored inside🥵

  5. It's for joyful comments like your that i always post in this sub, they're the best form of gratitude ever 💀💕

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