Man killed by police after calling 911 because his car wasn’t working

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  1. Your CR10S Pro V2 has a completely different type of screen to a basic Ender 3 or Ender 3 Pro. So no, you can't change the Pro screen to look like your CR10S because the display hardware is completely different. You could buy a

  2. I know it’s not going to look like my cr screens lol, I just didn’t know if there was still a process on flashing it or not because the CR’s added like 5 times more settings and stuff so I didn’t know if there was something similar I could do. But thanks

  3. Keeps pressure on the gas tube so when you put your AK back together your tube can lock in place firmly...I believe the more you move it back towards your rear sights the harder it will be to clamp your gas tube down...Gonna have to move it a little forward in order to lock your gas tube down..Its adjustable...

  4. Hmmm my gas Tubs all seem perfect but I may try it it out. Thanks 🤙🏼

  5. oooo that’s a sticky situation. I would have to see pictures to really get an idea but I believe a carbide bit would suffice against cobalt.

  6. You won’t think so. But the carbide tip on a nice bit I just bought broke off after about 10-15 minutes. Now my only thought is either a full carbide but instead of just a carbide tip (but they range from $200-$300) or the rescue but from wise auto tools. It would just suck to spend that much and still not get it done. This is literally the absolute last step on my build and it should not be anywhere close to this difficult

  7. You’ll have to sacrifice a carbide bit, but it can be done. I’d drill from the other side and tap it out.

  8. It’s not the pin holes though. It’s the gas port that goes in the barrel at an angle. Do you think a carbide would be able to go through the top of the cobalt that’s stuck?

  9. I haven’t used it but that’s a hell of a deal and a couple colors I haven’t seen in PLA+ before. If someone had used this please let us know your honest experiences with it

  10. Blasting gives a more consistent finish more easily.

  11. I’ll put her in the cabinet right now 🤙🏼 appreciate it bro

  12. Did you attach your plunger tube before you cut your rails?

  13. It’s incorporated into the frame

  14. Sorry I can’t be much help. I use a Bridgeport and a keyseat cutter to cut rails. Any chance you can swap the plates around? Looks like a slot on the other plate that might be able to accommodate the plunger tube?

  15. Actually I just milled out a groove in the plate for the plunger to fit, so now it can work on any frame

  16. Looks like the sleeve that goes through some triggers to remove the spring tension from directly on the pin itself

  17. I do not understand your question. Colt made many .38 Super chambered Series 70 1911s.

  18. I’m building it. So I plan on buying the super 38 parts kit and I want to know if an 80% 70 series frame is compatible because it doesn’t specify

  19. My recollection is that the .38 Super uses a different ejector from the .45 ACP.

  20. Well I ain’t giving it back so idk what that’s supposed to mean

  21. It says the webpage cannot be found. Is there another name for it or something?

  22. I recently ordered the Langmuir systems MR-1. It will not be in my possession until the first week of January but from what I’ve seen and heard you can do exactly what you have in mind, with a BRAND NEW machine that you can build online yourself with everything you want and still be under budget.

  23. I’m pretty sure they banned them. Luckily I got 3 right before but if you find some let me know. You may just have to use FFL to get already stamped ones

  24. Pretty sure you can find a blueprint online. Draw with the blueprint (make sure it's the good generation g17) and backcheck with the actual slide using a quality caliper and micrometer

  25. Yes i could, but a slide is just one example. There has to be a method others use for more complicated shapes than a rectangle. Like people modify different things all the time and I know they don’t just throw it in the cnc and free hand it

  26. You won't understand this, and you certainly won't believe a random voice on the internet, but if you are a business management graduate that is considering going into the firearms industry, you didn't learn anything from your school. Terrible idea.

  27. College doesn’t teach much in any major from my experience. And you’re right, just because you said this it will not keep me from pursuing my goals. I’m not sure why you think it is a terrible idea as the firearm industry is valued at approximately $21 billion. Firearms hold their value very well compared to many other markets and there will ALWAYS be a demand, no matter how saturated.

  28. Nowhere in your post did I see the ocean of money you will need to start up. Insurance, space, inventory, utilities, your living expenses all have to be paid when you aren't making sales.

  29. Well if you are so eager to know, I actually recently moved into my rv I’ve been renovating for a year, the space I plan on using is owned by a close friend and it used to be a car shop but has a decent size inside office space (that I may possibly live in if I do this full time)with an attached garage. And if I were to live in it, since there is a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, etc. i would sell my rv and have an additional $30,000 to invest in my LLC. But my buddy still uses the outside space, with 3 separate car lifts, to do auto work on the side so he will give me a GREAT deal on a long term lease until I am ready to upgrade facilities. I don’t have to live there by any means but it is set up perfectly too and it’s just me and my dog so it would give me plenty of time and means to grind on the business.

  30. Are you looking for a job? I hear Century is hiring. /s

  31. I can’t tell if that’s sarcasm or not since I fucked it up 😶

  32. Why would you assemble a Kol Arms. They’re notoriously bad and it’s well documented on YouTube

  33. Wanted to practice and learn what I was doing before I built my other kits. This is the first of many and this post is the sole reason why I wanted to build a $500 kit before I attempt my $1200+ kits

  34. Any recommendations? Because I’ve talked to nearly every one that will actually pick up the phone

  35. We just left phoenix. We travel the entire west US and phoenix is honestly the least RV friendly of the major cities. There’s the regional parks to buy time - those are first come first serve. Are you going to be working in Phoenix? Is that why you need to be there? Only asking because Tucson is way more RV friendly.

  36. Yes I work on the west side of Phoenix and eventually I plan on getting a work from home job so I can live on the road, but I am finally ready to transition into living in the rv full time, however since I’m newer to the lifestyle I would feel much more comfortable living plugged in for the first couple months so I can get a good feel for the ins and outs of rv living and can figure out usage and get my solar system to where it needs to be to (almost) fully support my usage.

  37. Suicide Hotline Numbers If you or anyone you know are struggling, please, PLEASE reach out for help. You are worthy, you are loved and you will always be able to find assistance.

  38. Usa changed theirs to “988”

  39. I’m soon to get Starlink for mine. The only downside that I’m aware of is you can’t (or stents supposed to and it voids warranty) use it while in motion on the road.

  40. Automatic transmission or manual? RWD or 4matic? I think the only configuration that MIGHT be ok with being flat towed is manual and RWD. You'll probably need a trailer.

  41. You'll need a trailer, you'll fry the transmission towing with the wheels down.

  42. isn't there a pump that can move transmission fluid through without it actually running? or is that not a thing?

  43. It's real fun solving this mystery of spring making when you cant just order them for 8$ like you do in the States. Are people interested in me making a video on the whole process, releasing the 3D models and instructions etc?

  44. Absolutely. Is there a reference somewhere for types of mag springs length, width, and angle needed? Or is it just guess and check?

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