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  1. Of course this is an account with fucking 15mil karma. God damnit reddit just purge all of these accounts. They provide zero benefit to the site for users

  2. Godskin Duo. Didn't know I could put one of them to sleep until NG+3 and even with that I'll still die a few times but once I reach them I normally struggle with every boss after.

  3. They are my 2nd choice. That fight is such a pain in the ass

  4. Isn't miquella dead? Why do people think we'll get a DLC for him?

  5. A lot of people think the dlc will be in the past. Like you go back to the past. I'm not sure why there are so many people that think that, but it would be cool if it was the case

  6. Seriously wtf is that if true. We get a DLC that probably already reverie for the most part and that's it? The fuck is taking so long?

  7. You are getting downvoted but I feel ya. It's been almost a year and the only major thing (besides the balancing updates) is a pvp colleseum update? It is definitely a cool update for people that like pvp, but a large part of the community (including me) don't play pvp and have been waiting for a story-based dlc for so long.

  8. It is the Reddit way to circlejerk any humour into the ground over and over until you can predict half the comments just by the post content

  9. It's not just a reddit thing. Internet communities in general do this. The larger the community the more the joke will get beat into the ground because everyone wants to be a part of it. Most people that are a part of an internet communit are already a little attention-starved so being a part of an "inside joke" is pretty satisfying to them

  10. It makes me simultaneously angry and sad that there are grown adults who try to convince me the story holds scientific merit. Tell me you don't understand jack shit about biology, geology, and meteorology without telling me.

  11. If you haven't seen Bill Nye's debate with Ken Ham, I'd definitely recommend it. Bill Nye does a great job in being polite while dismantling all of Ken hams talking points. Theres one part where goes into detail about how the arc would have been impossible to engineer which your comment reminded me of.

  12. Having to kill millicent for that dex talisman is the worst.

  13. Holy shit I haven't heard a reference to that song in like 15 years

  14. Yeah, at the very least since they first got their animations buffed they've been absolutely stellar.

  15. Knives need to be better tuned imo. They can do decent damage with successive attacks, but the first attack animation is a 3 hit animation that feels like an eternity. I expected to be able to do a quick attack-dodge-repeat with knives to wear enemies down but that first attack animation takes so long that it just makes the rhythm feel off.

  16. Thanks for the explanation man. It was the one atat I just couldn't wrap my head around.

  17. Bro I TRIED running past and there’s 600 of them between the crucible knight and the dragon 🙄

  18. It's been a bit since I've played but I'm pretty sure I just ran passed the 2 and jumped down (no ladder) then ran/rolled my way to the dragon. When you get to the dragon make a left and go around the little plateau on your left. Usually only 1 or 2 birds are still following you at that point and the dragon flys away. So just kill the ones still following you and youre good.

  19. BRO. There’s another one on the roof, 2 under that same building, and another 3 on the rock bridge running by don’t always work

  20. It's just one of those areas. I made it to NG +5 in this game and used that strat every time.

  21. I'm sorry, but anyone who thinks Twitter is going to go under because of all of this is straight-up delusional and needs to spend more time outside of the echo chamber that is reddit.

  22. Exactly, it blows my mind how many people get worked up about GOTY. Like, why would anyone besides the development company actually give a fuck? And, give enough fucks to argue about it on the internet?

  23. Elden Ring has extremely polished, really hard bosses, BUT it also has a lot of ways to become accesible for the non-hardcore players.

  24. Another big thing that makes it accessible is that you can go somewhere else if you are stuck.

  25. Tbh all of the bosses are considerably easier in ng+ up until like +4 or +5, and on top of that this is a cheese build. I'm not sure how helpful this is to OP seeing as it's his first playthrough.

  26. I usually never call cheats but there’s quite a few people I run into where they seem to just know everything. A lot of the time I just think that it’s pure luck.

  27. Any smart player that is good at a game without cheats has the ability to use wall hacks without getting caught. It's not like its difficult. Just don't look at people through walls, make sure you die in ways that "disprove" hacks without it seeming deliberate, and don't fucking stream yourself using hacks lol

  28. Not sure how much visibility my comment will get, but as a left-leaning voter I agree with pretty much all of this. What you said looks to me like a good way to get a competitive, competent conservative party.

  29. This account 100% belongs to a republican supporter doing damage control on his own party. You are not a left-leaning voter lmao

  30. Genuine question: why are people still commenting on a post that's almost 2 months old now. Pretty much every day there is a new comment. A lot of them are from new accounts too, with the exception of yours, which is why I'm asking you lol

  31. New accounts could be ppl who made an account just so that they could comment on this post ig, but I personally did it cause I don't want it to win Game of the Year (No offense).

  32. Huh, why do you think people would make an account just to comment on a single post?

  33. I'm convinced the mods are affiliated with psypost at this point. It seems like the majority of posts that make it to

  34. Unless your grandma willingly signed up for the cancer, this is the stupidest comparison imaginable.

  35. This is actually a textbook example of a strawman argument. I find it both funny and sad that redditors will never miss a chance to call out some right-wing pundit for using a strawman argument, but will praise it when its used to defend their ideology.

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