Citadel Wants You To Do Nothing

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  1. If they don’t let moass happen then HOPEFULLY they can find a way for it not to be shorted and our investment can grow and naturally reach $100s a share, because GME Will lead the way in innovation, so the share price will naturally increase, like Tesla, Apple, Boeing etc

  2. Why is SEC and fed regulators stepping and dining the shf 10x what their fraud is producing? That would deter them I suspect!

  3. They are all paid off op. It’s about GME but join Superstonk we have had two years of DD. We predicted everything that’s happening from Evergrande to Dollar end game.

  4. Ty 💪👍. I agree 100%.the shills in this reddit are intolerable and HCMC is a legit co I own shares of and do business with every month. I've been following Dfv from the beginning and watched everything unfold last 2yrs. The fact that these shills in here nearly reduced this reddit down to next to zero comments, means that's there's some smooth brains in here. So I try to share in simplest terms and obvious proof that can't be refuted... Then the shills try reporting me or personally attacking 🤣🤣,, but make no mistake I can recite much of dfv original DD

  5. I don’t hold many stocks, but when I see on any social media any stock being bullied down, I always comment and like posts as we have to change this cesspit which is Wall Street. If no one does anything the status quo won’t change and I’ve had enough of them robbing me. When it comes to selling my shares, no cell no sell I want his parasites in jail for eternity they have ruined the world through their greed

  6. Make coke n pills legal the world would be a happy place

  7. So mods how is this up with a Twitter link and mine was taken down???? No offence to OP at all it’s a good post, so of the mods must be paid off as there is no consistency!!!!

  8. Exactly why I'll never post here again. Theyve got me a couple times, and said it was something it wasn't

  9. Yeah I was agreeing with you but the positive is that it's moving in the positive now

  10. If we allow free movement of people free NHS is gone!! It’s already coping with the after mass of all eu countries using it!!!!

  11. What are the odds this ends with them devouring one another one by one before our eyes, with the ‘victor’ becoming the most mega of mega corps, only for the moment that happens they are themselves are devoured by us the people?

  12. Whoever buys it knows they will be too big to fail and can be even more reckless in their investing… its like a Get out of Jail Free card from Monopoly 🤦‍♂️

  13. CNN, FOX, MSNBC, New York Post, Market Watch, Brietbart, OAN, CNBC, ABC, NBC, BBC, fucken Telemundo, Univision, Vice, CNN in Spanish, The Epoch Times, Washington Examiner, Newsmax, ITS ALL FUCKING BULLSHIT

  14. Maybe gab will pay a huge price to refund him his money 💰 for what he lost

  15. Now they have plunge protection team so I think they’ll be ok

  16. Thought the cftc put out a new rule to hide the crime?

  17. They need to be renewed/repriced at greater gme price but no new counterparty to take the bags

  18. They want us deflated FUCK EM I’m holding n DRSing

  19. They are too busy sucking each off outside Wendy’s

  20. Yeah but trash corn 🌽 has had borrow fees like this for ages n that’s still a sinking ship 🚢

  21. Does anyone know if GameStop has a relationship with Wells Fargo? I thought I read some official filing that Wells Fargo is their debt provider or something. Also I wonder where does GameStop keep that billion dollars at? Probably not stuffed in a mattress but where would they let it sit. We sure don't want GameStop's bank to go under... right?

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