1. I mean it could have been worse. He could have just quickly tried to merge into your lane without a signal at all. But none the less , people like this shouldn't be driving

  2. It’s crazy to think that he’s the 9th best rookie and not even being picked in the 1st round

  3. Do you guys have brightspace/google classroom? For 3U chem this year , all the lessons and notes are posted on brightspace for us. Makes life so much easier. If not , you should ask a friend/someone in the class what you missed and I'm sure they would show you the notes/worksheets.

  4. Everybody tells me AP is 100% NEEDED for engineering programs. Is that true? Is it possible to do well at a top engineering school without AP?

  5. I have the course too and its not a huge jump from grd 10 chem. A lot of the concepts build on what we done last year . But for extra help in this case , Tyler DeWitt yt channel is a good resource.

  6. Thank you. My last year's teacher didn't teach us some of the topics, so many things confused me. Like effective nuclear charge or electromagnetic waves, she said it isn't important and now I have no clue what is going on, I've been trying to get back on track ASAP, and thanks to the help from the people above, things are getting easier. Do you have SCH3U this sem?

  7. Oh I see. We started with Matter & Bonding and we looked at ions , octet rule , atomic mass (grade 10) and some new stuff like EN calculations , Atomic Mass calculations , Radioisotopes , and a LOT of new Nomenclature (oxyanions , oxyacids , acid salts , hydrates e.t.c). So maybe thats why its may be easier for me since its a mix of both grades. I could understand your situation. Hope you all the best. I have Physics next semester but I also have functions this semester

  8. I also got functions rn. We are doing domain and range of functions , restrictions on it , radical functions , parent functions ; transformed functions (vertical/horizontal shift) , equations with it. A lot of new stuff being thrown at me but I would say its very doable . I usually google the concepts and watch yt videos on it after class for a better understanding. I recommend doing that .

  9. My schedule is identical to yours. Grade 11 student with english, functions, chemistry and physics all in semester 1. Like

  10. Tbh, two of those are electives as well. However, that schedule is horrific. That’s like 3-4 hours of work after school if you want high 90s. My cousin got everything you have, but change functions with bio. He’s dropping at least one and I advise you to speak to your guidance counsellor as that schedule is very difficult.

  11. Yeah I'm planning on swapping either chem or physics for an elective I have in second sem (business management or international business)

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