1. Yeah, like if I'm having a bad day and feeling sad, the last thing on my mind will be having sex.

  2. The banisters aren't painted on the album cover because he never came to paint her banisters - he broke his word.

  3. Idk, I never liked the bruises metaphor. I like to believe that Lana says blue because it refers to sadness while she was with him and green with her sisters because green is a color of vitality, growth and survival.

  4. Yeah it is pretty funny, i played hd collection first and was surprised at the skyboxes in dmc1, and dante's hair in 3 looking better on ps2. I wonder if theres a technical reason as to why dmc2 is the most faithful to the original version?

  5. They knew DMC2 was trash no matter what and people probably won't play it anyway based off it's reputation so they decided to save the effort. I feel bad for this game, it deserved better.

  6. I bet even the marketing team knew it wasn't great. The manual is so lame and just has basic descriptions of gameplay and the controls, no mention of the story other than dante vaguely needing to defeat a "new evil" on the back on the box.

  7. Dante needs to defeat a new evil and that's it 😂💀

  8. Aloe is a fucking CATHARTIC, not only one would shit their guts out but the cramps may be excruciating.

  9. Vergil Vergil, it doesn't get any more Chad than that. Peak motivation and peak strength. Vergil wasn't just born, the world existed so vergil could be witnessed.

  10. Her back and forth with Azalea Banks was savage, a true bad bitch.

  11. The least gay-acting straight bros:

  12. Oh, The Gays love pop music so much they're willing to go into debt to see someone lip sync live ha ha ha

  13. Except these three people are exceptional artists and rarely lip sync. Stop with the misogyny and homophobia.

  14. Because it's not a stereotype, it's a meme made by a gay person on a gay meme page, besides it says "A gay couple", so that's only one couple, he didn't say all the gays are doing it. Cheers.

  15. I was a pretty little thing Ain't got a lot to sing, but Nothing came for me either one but pain But fuck it…..

  16. على حسب مدى احتياجك للشغل والفلوس.

  17. عامة كسم الخلايجة والناس اللي بتفكر كده عشان الدنيا دوارة ومفيش حاجة ولا حد بتفضل على حالها، شوف مع كل اللي احنا فيه والغيرة حارقاه من جوة لدرجة أنه لازم يعنصر عليك عشان يحس أنه أحسن. هو حالنا الخرة أحسن منه، بس للأسف مفيش حاجة نعملها غير نحط أيدينا على خدنا ونستنا ربنا ياخدنا بقى سواء لبره البلد أو لعنده.

  18. و فية طبقية كمان في مصر للاسف.

  19. بالظبط، احنا ملناش حد والله.

  20. A couple of years ago Britney made a video about how she accidentally burnt her gym down like a candle burnt it down or smth I can't remember.

  21. That's a 29-year old man, I can't believe it.

  22. Shit, must be hella sexy grandpa you've got. But how do you know he does? He told you or u found the account?

  23. Bro trust me dehn l tabi3e from cattle and animals doesnt cause any cholesterol issues, processed sugars and vegetable oils and seed oils do, so next time your’re concerned about cholestrol, look at your favorite “healthy” nutrition bar, and check the ingredients. Trust me meat isnt the culprit

  24. No, you're wrong. Meats have saturated fats and these definitely increase LDL and triglycerides.

  25. Nightmare Carries V but you know how it is.DT bars aint umlimited

  26. Not unlimited but fills up rather quickly. There's this button you press, he'll just keep reading his book and fill up his DT quickly. Also Griffon has that laser sphere that he drops that's also really strong. His flank can also break their super armor if you time it well with Shadow. I found these much easier to handle with V than with Nero. Nero is the hardest character for me to play really, his damage isn't all that without revving up his sword.

  27. I have found gentle floor based exercises to be extremely beneficial when my abdomen bloats like this. Bicycle crunches, planks, and other easy movements help move the gas along.

  28. Shit these exercises you mentioned are anything but gentle, you must be an athlete 😩 I'm sure the fact that I haven't exercised in months is also adding to it. More power to you.

  29. What's the porn scene or where to find it?

  30. It's from an episode of Kenny vs. Spenny, here's the link:

  31. Shit, I hoped it'd be some real porn.

  32. me aswell, oddly enough my sensory issues were a big focus of my last session but yet the loud alarm still remained….

  33. Also, it helps to know how you'll approach her before the session so you say exactly what you need without anxiety affecting it. If I were you, I'd say "I've had an issue in our past sessions with the alarm, it's too loud for me and it gives me anxiety that can distract me during the session. Is there another way you can go about notifying me when the session's time is almost over? This would help me more focused in our sessions."

  34. It's actually "bartender, our love's alive."

  35. One of the best laidback and SAD music I have ever heard

  36. Sad? Idk but Yosemite is anything but sad, but sure it could be different to you.

  37. It's those kind of very happy and peaceful that it turned out to be sad because life is tough. Like Golden Hour. So pretty but can be melancholic.

  38. Oh, I understand what you mean. Indeed life has been very tough recently. Stay strong buddy.

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