1. You onow what's missing in my life?

  2. Hide that thing ASAP! God is shivering.

  3. How does one aquire this quest?

  4. Oh well. Thanks for the answer lmao

  5. It's a melted metagross obviously

  6. Come on up to Canada right after. We're pretty nice :)

  7. My advice is to wait for 1 month before trying this quest. Now it’s just hardcore players trying to finish, once they finish it would be easier

  8. Tbh it's not even for the quest. I am in desperate need of stardust.

  9. Is it a problem if I don't have hydro cannon on my swampert? I don't have any elite TM right now. And also what should I run for obstagoon?

  10. My medicham, swampert, altaria and talonflame all have 2 charged attacks. I also have a trevenant that I forgot to add in the ss.

  11. I sense you have been playing on PoGo community days haven't you?

  12. That's nuts! I've done 60 raids and my best is a sad 91%

  13. Simply because you have to be level 38 to submit one?

  14. It literally says 'unlocks at 37' though?

  15. Oh really? Maybe they changed it but I unlocked it at 38 about 3 months ago.

  16. I could be wrong but I would go altaria Gstunfisk walrein. You should have pretty good coverage with this

  17. A shiny AND A BIRD. This game really puts some player before some others lmao. I haven't even encountered a shiny or a bird yet.

  18. Me: sitting at my 6 hundos since Hisuian elctrode spotlight hour...

  19. See that's my shiny luck. I have rare shinies but I have yet to find this stupid goldfish XD

  20. Just wait until you get a 3* base evolution or mid evolution. It’ll happen eventually, OP is insanely lucky and clearly dedicated to the rocket grind

  21. The funny thing is I didn't. I got extremly lucky and got all 3 of them in maybe 15-20 radars.

  22. My guess is "smol ones". It's the only thing I can see

  23. Definitely the 100% one. It will take a bit longer for you to max put but it's worth it.

  24. The fact that he has play rough as his attack makes it even better IMO.

  25. At this point I am honestly afraid to unlock that dex...

  26. Oh lol, I was gonna get excited and say I have rare medals!! But this is so weird cause when I press on them they remain the same color

  27. Did you activate any color blind options by accident maybe?

  28. Well then I'm afraid I can't help. Sorry. But you can flex those shiny medals tho :)

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