1. Yeah my mom gave me $5 and I went to the plant store on got street; as a 10 year old, bought all these flowers, and these RTJ sb’s, all with the $5 😱 This plant store on got street has everything. Then i made my moms yard look beautiful; as a 10 year old. Because I love my mother and yesterday was fucking Mother’s Day. So yeah I’m flexing that I love and appreciate my mom. You are god damn right about that. As a 10 year old. Stfu. Y’all mf’s don’t appreciate SHIT. Y’all’s momma probably hate y’all disrespectful asses. That’s really all it comes down to. Suck it easy 🫶🏽✌🏽

  2. I mean don’t get me wrong I respect it but I just don’t think it’s anything to flex about, but hey to each their own

  3. CUZ. I AINT. FLEXIN. MY. EDC 🤯😵 ITZ JUS THERE. CUZ IT STAYS WHERE I STAYS. Yah mean? Stfu and go cry bout some liberal ass shit somewhere else.

  4. Oh shit I didn’t even notice you had your edc in the vid I’m not sure what’s made you think I was a liberal but hey to each their own right

  5. Don’t cuss at me show a little more class brother. Enjoy your dumb shoes.

  6. You sounds stupid, you support Nike and their child sweat shops.

  7. Mine supposedly come in tomorrow what’s was wrong with them

  8. A while back I bought a 2002 silverado off an older woman and the ac was super loud eventually I got tired and took it apart just to find a dried up mouse in the little ac motor that spins, weird thing was it didn’t even smell bad in there. Poor guy must’ve been in there of ages he was crunchy with no stench

  9. Do you find them more comfortable than Jordan 1 lows or dunks? I’m new to the shoe game

  10. Normal dunks are uncomfortable in my opinion sbs are better though

  11. You know the harlequin polo from the 90s? The one You could win at McDonald’s? That’s the inspo

  12. Ronald McDonald lookin ahhh boy

  13. These look so much better in every non Nike pic that I see

  14. Hmm, I don’t believe you. Send me a picture of your credit card to make sure it’s you.

  15. Do you need to back too or just the front

  16. Just looked at ur page u could probably fold all the people talking shit 😭

  17. For real my jaw dropped when I saw the stock numbers

  18. Holy shit I just saw the stock number I should go buy a lottery ticket

  19. Growing up I was given a pair of bred 4s I only wore vans so I wasn’t super fond of them and I ended up using them to mow the lawn at some point then got them all muddy and I now have no clue where they are

  20. Gnarly. How did you even get them in the first place?

  21. Oh yeah some kid is definitely getting fired

  22. “We have Chicagos at home”-mom

  23. Spray them down with a water mister until they are damp not soaked but damp then put them in the freezer after 24 hours pull them out and the creases should be gone

  24. The gods are telling me to save my check

  25. This post stinks more than those goofy ass boots

  26. Bruh you out here wearin ya cousin shoes GTFOH you yourself say you dont know SHIT about shoes and im supposed to listen to you? Go clean you second hand collection and do you homework

  27. 2 points for me zero for the gullible idiot who can’t tie his boots

  28. Dude has them bleeding from his pair of shoes lol. Look at the sweaty bably blue rubbing off the blue on the shoe? Are you blind?

  29. Ha didn’t see the bleeding seems like you may also be bleeding in your no no square

  30. Lol and? What does this have to do with sneakers? Is there a special screening process in place before joining.

  31. I am the official judge on the matter

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