1. I’m going to get downvoted for this but he’s so overrated, had 3 good months where he was among the best wingers in Europe but he’s returned back to his usual self

  2. Still the most dangerous man utd attacker by far!

  3. I said at the start of the season that he was one to go for but everyone said he was just the assister of the assister. One of biggest wins this season is sticking with him and he will be one of the first players in my side next season.

  4. Yup. This graphic confuses people with some strange and completely arbitrary "target points" measure.

  5. it's not arbitrary , it's his target pts in Fantasy5 game... he need to score more than 6.5 to beat his target..

  6. Wilson is a better finisher + arsenal are missing their 2 CBs!

  7. UPDATE : **Saint-Maximin is back to training , he is not Out , my bad

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