1. Released the day before Call of Dut (Oct 28 + Warzone on Nov 15th), no matter your opinion on the franchise, is bad for any game

  2. On the latest spherehunter vid (deadspace) they used music from Signalis so there's a chance!

  3. She’s outright said it’s her GOTY and is working on a video for it. In the chat of another person’s Twitch stream, she also teased that she’s going to the effort of translating all of the text pop-ups and things like that, so it ought to be pretty comprehensive.

  4. And even when it spells out the solution I had to constantly look at the paper multiple times when doing the water level puzzles cuz my dumbass can't remember shit.

  5. Asked myself the same question today while installing my drives on this mobo lol

  6. I went into this fight with an empty inventory cuz of the note (and thinking of silent hill) and was pleasantly surprised that I could finish it empty handed!

  7. Is the building behind it making progress now? It felt like it was in exactly the same state for a year.

  8. Looking at the leaderboard, seems the game's plagued by cheaters with multiaccounts. I'm guessing they're using a script+vpn hack. Officially you can only play once per day. Let's see if MS cares enough to 'fix' this.

  9. Not exactly sure why but I managed to play it twice and got 180 points.

  10. One of the best games I've played this year and as a big silent hill nerd i was overwhelmingly flowing with joy playing this.

  11. Note: you don't have to do the actual quiz for the points. Majority are earned just by clicking, they are worth 10pts normally (sometimes gotta do it a few times to register)

  12. Just finished K1 last night, I do agree it is a shooter. I got shot so many times

  13. I played Like a Dragon with M&K but playing the others with a controller now.

  14. Since I use the same 25 searches for my daily mobile searches, Bing probably thinks I'm really, REALLY into women scientists throughout history.

  15. Guess they think I really love the simpsons (first thing that came to mind, just cycle through episodes by changing the number)

  16. Gotta love brainwashing people with religion, what could go wrong

  17. For that price you can get an entire setup, and you’ll still have quite a bit of cash left over.

  18. Can even shave off more by going with an i5-12600k since purely gaming, hell even 16gb ram instead of 32.

  19. Big persona dungeons vibes, minus the bops. Thankfully I was pretty overlvled and just let it play on auto while i watch stuff on the 2nd monitor.

  20. Disagree just because it is the aesthetic opposite of Persona. It's not just missing the bops, but the environmental design was just really bland because it was an actual sewer. It was a bunch of gray concrete with trash and construction materials lying around. Even the real time long battles that I didn't enjoy had something more interesting than concrete rectangles.

  21. Makes sense. I didn't consider the environment when I typed that. It's been ages and P5 did improve on that a lot.

  22. From the pic I thought Yakuza LAD is also leaving and that gave me a mini heart attack as I'm half way through it right now lol

  23. I built my first PC last month following a youtube video and it booted first try. It was pretty straightforward, cable management took up my entire night and really struggled getting it as tidy as possible but it was mostly an issue with the cables themselves so will probably take you less time.

  24. Yeah I gave up and I'm taking it to be built by someone else. The motherboard has sockets that won't unscrew and the fan won't unscrew from the cooler.

  25. I had issues with the stock cooler and felt like I broke it lol changed to a different one and was much easier. Some parts just aren't as sturdy.

  26. You need to own the base game. It goes on sale often whenever new content is added (atlesst on steam it does)

  27. Hate wasabi. Yes i said down vote me as much as you want but i will stand with my decision. Oh and well deserved spa hope you enjoyed

  28. My main issue with the difficulty of the game is that much of the challenge comes from how shitty the controls are. It feels like your character is wading through molasses. I eventually turned on no-damage during a sequence where you have to fight several waves of enemies with only one opportunity to heal.

  29. The Golden path puzzle is part of why i loved Tunic so much, it was really enjoyable to make the connections with everything in plain sight.

  30. Ahhh, that makes a lot more sense. I had the solution in front of me and still couldn't complete the puzzle with an Elite Pro 2 or standard Xbox controller. Keyboard is probably way more accurate.

  31. I was lucky to test the keyboard out when I first learned about the dpad input puzzles after failing many times on controller and thinking I just didn't understand it.

  32. Naraka Bladepoint is a pretty fun melee focused battle royale that has a bots only option, been playing it a lot with friends.

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