1. Very excited to see some Flux Gourmet representation!

  2. Something about HHN 23, regardless of The Walking Dead streets and lack of originals, sticks with me. Evil Dead, AWiL, Cabin In The Woods, and La Llorona are just all timers for me.

  3. Just based on what I’ve seen, probably Purple Noon. I thought it just dragged on a bit. Not a bad film, just the one I think about the least!

  4. Body Collectors: Recollections is my all time favorite facade, easily.

  5. Monsoon Wedding!! One of the most enjoyable and underrated movies in the collection

  6. Would love to see some Peter Strickland in the collection!

  7. Tropical Malady (Apichatpong Weerasethukal)

  8. Did you not like one of the shows??

  9. I thought MJ was pretty weak, aside from the performances and the choreography.

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