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  1. He was a giant for sure. This is the song Wolf wrote about his dad. Started the song years before, and released this shortly after Eddie died. I still can’t watch it without bawling. Such pure love in the videos.

  2. In the KC Scout app, the middle tab is all active construction. Can’t vouch for accuracy.

  3. And yes, February! Sorry for formatting, on my phone, but this is from Feb 2019.

  4. Pretty cool! What settings did you use? 1 picture every 30 seconds?

  5. Thanks! Standard time lapse on an iPhone XS Max

  6. Hydrox Cookies (Oreos are actually a knock off of the Hydrox cookie)

  7. And here is a great little video about Hydrox/Oreo and the Loose brothers!

  8. Kansas City does rule! Welcome! I'm a NYS transplant, been here 15 glorious years. The K is definitely the best good vibes place in town. And glad you found this sub.

  9. It's a phenothiazine, a group that includes Thorazine. Developed as antipsychotics. It was found to be of use for nausea and was sold as Compazine in the US.

  10. I've been on it since about '95. They've tried me on everything else and I always come back to it. I won't switch again. As someone else remarked here, it gives me a bit of energy and focus but my depression persists. It does help me with focus and anxiety, to an extent.

  11. The old trolley barn was near there, close to 48th and Troost. There were lots of streetcar tracks in the vicinity. It's one area of town that's almost unrecognizable from old pictures, a good deal of that area was lost to flooding and then was taken out for the Brush Creek flood control projects. Probably more info than you wanted, but oh well.

  12. Never too much info about these things and history. I'm a transplant and I enjoy it all. Love KC!

  13. They deliver regardless of rain, snow, ice, or an act of god.

  14. Got a notification this morning, package here by 10pm. Maybe 4 hours later, got an email rescheduling my delivery to Feb 18-20th. Was surprised but I’m glad they took the conditions seriously.

  15. Where would that have been in relation to the cast pipe? Not an engineer but love stuff like this, how it works.. etc. And many thanks for your posts tonight!

  16. South Plaza here. Was about 2:50, heard and then saw at least 20 patrol cars with lights, going pretty fast west on Volker from Troost area. They all went past the library and disappeared down Ward. Heard a helicopter briefly.

  17. Send me a PM. I can hook you up via YouTube TV.

  18. Even more yeesh: During the on-site last night, firefighter said they could not reach management of the complex. Also said fire hydrants were located far from the building, taking additional time to get water to the scene. He also mentioned how difficult it was for them to get pumpers in place bc of narrow driveway and surrounding streets. Hearing there was a fire in October.... smdh.

  19. South Plaza. Heard 3 different sets. Sounded like a series of demolition explosions.

  20. Aisha, Death in Vegas feat Iggy Pop. Original video

  21. This man’s glorious facial hair deserves a mention! Great picture, thanks for sharing.

  22. Glad you got an answer! Wanted to say Cornell University has an app for that: Merlin Bird ID It also has birdsongs to help in identifying.

  23. This structure is reminiscent of research. Do you plan on using the data (of ppl who volunteer) for research purposes? What happens to it?

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