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  1. “I hate being in a healthy relationship with someone I really care for and also doing really well in life!”

  2. I've seen this with mine and as with mine, it can be caused by the power running through the usb port/controller. The solution was to use a usb hub between the mic and PC and has worked for myself 👍

  3. Oh thanks man! I’m hoping this will solve my problem.

  4. Should I switch to linux. I have this very l old laptop that takes around 7 minutes to start up and can barely run Team Fortress 2

  5. Yeah nobody who looks like that has ever said that

  6. How do you guys deal with stomach aches

  7. The only CP I want are Creator Points 😎

  8. Zo1nk is underrated man. He is on par with the best players

  9. Most of the nutrients are actually found in the skin of the kiwi, so eat up.

  10. Guys, I did my first stream today! I did it on Discord and I was pretty nervous, but the people watching said they enjoyed it. I’m so proud and happy.

  11. I don’t like the decoration, and the song is meh. I also can’t say anything about the gameplay. You’re right though, overrated doesn’t mean bad, I just think it’s not that good.

  12. I can understand the decoration, but the song is absolutely amazing.

  13. Man I love Geometry Dash. Hope it dies one day

  14. Have you watch Happy Sugar Life? The main char is a pink haired yandere and a pedophile

  15. Wait, she's a pedophile? I haven't seen the show in ages tho. But I remember I enjoyed the show a lot.

  16. I would say you're a man of culture, when actually it's wrong and we're porn addicts

  17. Ok but fr. I haven’t seen an actual good anime subreddit. All the ones I have seen have no humor and post extremely boring content.

  18. Find a job where your main task is to engage and help people. Youll learn how to adapt and react quickly. Also try not to daydream alot and don’t be scared of someone elses opinon of you. Thats what held me back at least.

  19. I trained myself to get better at this. We had a supermarket with a pervy boss who only hired hot, blonde girls. Everytime i was at checkout i tried to say a social thing. I'd just make a joke, say how hot the weather is etc. At first i was too scared to do it, but now it's second nature.

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