1. Nobita Nobi:- Now this looks like a job for me

  2. Abe tu thoda aai-chi-gand hai kya!?

  3. You saiman see'd my sister!? 🤨📸

  4. Is this 🧢 or Maybe I'm just too, lucky not to encounter such people

  5. 9:00 min 11:00 max if you're awake beyond max you're disrupting your body clock, if you sleep earlier than min you need therapy.

  6. Merko toh lagta hai jo natural hai wahi karo. Herbivores, Carnivores, aur omnivores tinho bhi natural hai, yeah vegan wala system jo hai woh humans ne introduce kiya hai. Ab natural selection hi decide karega ki vegans survive kar sakta hai ki nahi.

  7. Well actually mere paas puri google drive bhari padi hai Tom and Jerry ke saare episodes ki but google drive link share se sirf 4 episodes share hoe paa rhe hai

  8. Idk why reddit isn't letting me dm you

  9. Bhai context du tho accha hentai hai agar tum sirf sex scene k liye dekhte ho tho per story pe focus karte ho tho bhaut chutiya hai mat dekhna.

  10. Maine uska description padh liya, and I totally agree with you.

  11. Every man woman and child in this country is innocent

  12. Godhra 🅱️uslims also deserved it.

  13. Now I'll tie your limbs and throw you into sewer then I'll shout you deserved it

  14. I sent this to my 🅱️ulla friend & he said "kya matlab dono hi frictional hai" now what should I reply? 🤬😤

  15. Wait, usne ironically nahi likha tha?

  16. Maybe try to stop self-hating, you'd see the better side of your country in comparison to overseas

  17. .           ✦                * .          . ✦ ☄️ .             .   ゚ .             .                ✦      ,       . Who asked .

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