1. Kings island was a lot of fun the one time I went, my brother had a medical issue after a couple hours so I didn’t get to do any of the big rides there. I live far away now, is it worth a revisit if traveling to the area already?

  2. Yes, I went a lot this year and I can say kings island has been as good as it’s ever been. I’d visit even if I wasn’t visiting for anything else. It’s worth it’s own visit. You can get into kings island for around 50 bucks and then you can spend 40ish on the premium dining plan for the day and pretty much eat food and drink soda/water at your hearts content.

  3. (Unpopular opinion) I went to both Ohio parks last summer and I liked it better than Cedar Point.

  4. It’s way better. Storm Chaser’s closing sequence is violent for no reason.

  5. Told my brother the same thing and he said I just don’t know fun. But yes, I agree completely

  6. Both are great rides though. I think RMC just went a little hard with that double up thing that isn’t even fun, it threw my hands I had up into the person in front of me’s head accidentally lol.

  7. Definitely still fun, I’ll go back to ride both at some point I’m sure

  8. I have a mighty and can’t bring myself to put wax into it. 2 reasons, 1 is that I don’t think it’ll make the best use of wax. 2 is that the mighty is expensive and I’d hate to see wax ruin it even though its “made” for it I guess. If you need a little more umph than flower have you tried any BE or klutch luster pods?

  9. I saw those! 😳 I had my cart full of their sale stuff... on Sunday. When they're closed 😭 lol so I went to Verilife and got some flower and carts... But I got this FS Dablicator- Salty Watermelon. Guys. I have no idea how to use it 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️ Tbh I thought it was like a vape pen. I didn't realize it's live rosin. I went to the smoke shop and got a nectar collector and a torch... I watched a video on how to use it... I can't get a hit?! Help?!

  10. I’ve never had a nectar collector. I know you can use those as an edible if you’d like. You can also use them to refill carts and then you can use things like the nectar collector you bought also.

  11. I appreciate you! I feel like I wasted some Of it. I got like 2 good hits, the rest idk if I got it too hot or not hot enough or need an actual rig... lol I burnt my damn self. I think I'll stick with my carts ❤️ I'm debating going to grab something today... anybody else going to the dispo today?! Bring your umbrella 🌂

  12. Easy, done it several times now. I put my batteries and pods right in my shave bag, didn’t even try to hide them

  13. Sadly the state of Ohio has already stolen my future but I deserve it. Just staying alive at this point is a whole ass war daily. Don’t ever not pullover for a speeding ticket haha they steal everything from you.

  14. Stop blaming people for your problems, no one stole shit from you, I have a brother in his 20s thatd like to have a whinge fest daily just like you.

  15. Yeah should’ve shot someone instead or robbed a house full of old people gets way less time so yeah. Be a murderer instead people!

  16. Or maybe you could just be an adult and own your shit. We all have to. But you’ll just blame other people for why your life spirals huh?

  17. I like seeing the rmc treatment on rides like this. I will say I hate the rmc restraints on the legs. Wish a company with better restrains was making it into so many parks 😂

  18. All these mustang guys who are haters lol. This car is cooler than any 80s mustang.

  19. No hate here. Ford/Lincoln/Mercury. First and Third Generation Capri we’re unique to Mercury. But the Second Generation Capri was literally a rebadged Mustang. I always thought these were so cool looking when I was a kid. Never saw these fenders though. Bonerjamzzz.

  20. Oh I don’t think capris are ultra unique I was just poking mustang lovers 🤣

  21. Its a lot easier to put a Fanny pack on and off than it is to empty your pockets of everything. I’m a 34 year old man who is planning on bringing a Fanny pack for the first time after seeing the amount of people who support them and the sheer ease of use. One buckle and everything is in a locker?!? Sign me up.

  22. I just started using one this year after not wanting to use one like many others. It’s a game changer lol.

  23. I like them alright for distillate. Definitely not the worst at all. This is just me, but I vape most 510 threaded carts between 2.2-2.7. Usually 2.7

  24. So I’ve read. He’s going through his twice as fast as I am. He’s usually a little ahead of me in use but more so than usual now. I believe he’ll listen to me next time. 🤣

  25. Live resin really is super nice if you can swing it for sure.

  26. So it’s weird to me that youd shit talk the product in the users post and then It’s also weird to me that you’d take a picture from that someone’s post and edit it for your own post and then say you aren’t shaming. 🤦‍♂️🤷‍♀️🤣

  27. Adventure express at KI, big thunder mountain at Disney, stunt coaster at a handful of parks and Kentucky flyer at Kentucky kingdom are the types of rides I picture being family rides. I think height should fall into play also though.

  28. If this is a cured resin one I’ve been loving these and now I can’t find any 😭. I did end up buying a ton of hotdog water select carts yesterday for super cheap though 😂

  29. Yeah this is the dark rainbow cured resin the oil gets sucked into the middle tube and leaks from the bottom and air holes a lot I wish they use regular Ccells

  30. My problem has been them spitting oil, which is maybe what causes the issue you had as well. I really do love them though. They taste phenomenal and the price is honestly on point in my opinion

  31. Oooh no I was jelly of the amount of visits, I love my home park very very much 😂 wish I had 69 to kings island

  32. You have been 69 times? Jelly. My family and I have been to kings island 34 times this year

  33. I love their oil, but their disposables are the worst of the worst.

  34. I think i may understand that. Are the .5s just this empty? First hit and it's not bad..

  35. I never did see product through those windows. I found my best draws came with putting my finger over the charging port at the bottom.

  36. Son of beast, Hypersonic XLC, volcano, or screeching eagle and serpent at Americana.

  37. I like how they say “can” have a wider range. But distilling literally washes the cannabinoids out right?

  38. I’m sorry “strip” distilling takes all of the cannabinoids out basically and then you gotta add them back, which is why so many shitty botanical carts exist

  39. This was from yesterday. I’ve been enough to get judged by people this year I’m sure 🤣

  40. We’ve been ending our nights with drop tower lately, almost always get to see a decent piece of the show going up.

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