1. Serpent at Americana in Monroe Ohio, whole park is defunct and has been for a whole.

  2. Man that's so fucking specific and random lol. I've probably crossed paths with you at KI before.

  3. I do not have anymore, I traded for an arctic reindeer and some adds, still have that if interested

  4. I never thought I'd see Scott O' Hotty on this sub unless I posted it myself. That is a damn tasty sauce! Their Beer-Chipotle is also really good.

  5. I don’t think I’ve ever posted, just read on here. I always use this sauce and thought it was wrong to not share for so long lol.

  6. That's what I gave for it. Not really interested to go back to frost fury.

  7. I’m not going to say one is better than the other… Oh wait I am. We have rented houses in reunion, Davenport/Kissimmee area and right down the road from universal. While it can can be great, we won’t personally stay anywhere except on site ever again. If you think you’d spend equal time out of the park then maybe you should get a bnb or something. If not on site all the way.

  8. We were there in February and can’t wait to go back. Which is soon 👀

  9. He deserved every one of those plus the ones he didn’t get

  10. NR black macaque, full grown shark, unicorn, NR chocolate lab, N dolphin + ride pot?

  11. I would say mine would be screeching eagle at Americana or hypersonic xlc if that counts.

  12. I agree, bought tons of bud in Ohio, they’re the best bud here consistently. Avoid those small piece bags though. 20+ pieces to get to 2.8 sometimes

  13. Or maybe they budget, or maybe they’re really bad with money?

  14. yeah only complaint is the dark swabbing and the weird like burnt taste all the dabs and pods have after. I am a low temp dabber too.

  15. I prefer the klutch vapes to the BE ones to be honest. Having said that I do like the BE ones really well.

  16. Son of beast is my favorite coaster of all time. I know it wasn’t good for a lot of people, but i never had a bad ride on it and it was wild lol. Volcano was amazing too.

  17. It’s so pleasing to see one without chrome wheels. I really like it.

  18. I have the uni pro 2 and I have bought enough batteries to say that the uni is pretty great. It’s durable, charges last forever, and about any 510 will work with it. Having said that it’s bulky and it annoys me. I just recently bought a wolf lux stick battery from yocan and it has become my daily driver. Cons to it vs the uni would be battery life and it isn’t as safe for your pocket. It does have variable temp on it though.

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