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  1. This is cool, but I’m kinda concerned about the incest bits

  2. Or the dude who tried to cause the extinction of Pokémon for no fucking reason

  3. Oh, that was what he wanted to do, I played the game but I skipped so much scenes all I knew was that he captured yveltal

  4. This was funny at the start but it seems like you’re just trying to piss people off now with your “opinions”

  5. I would totally watch an anime about a boy wanting to catch up to his gamer idol, and only having one year before the game shuts down to surpass her

  6. For a second I thought bell was loki getting “self-defended” on by Aiz

  7. Pokémon home through trade, this requirement is way too annoying

  8. Jircniv: “we have you the entire world to one”

  9. Bruh, I thought he was sitting on a seal and was ‘bout to call this out for animal abuse

  10. NO!! I refuse to consider any live action adaptations to be canon, the budget is terrible when it’s not made by a western production but when it is made by western Production: Netfilx

  11. Did you use most of your time on the grind? I don’t know how it would have taken you 24 hours for just the main game

  12. Oh ok, then yeah, prolly a good run considering you went out of your way through the dlc too

  13. Looks at the channel we are at. I don’t think a lot of people care for the grammar here. But I will take it under advisement mr man

  14. Congrats, you went through a sentence without a grammar mistake

  15. Don’t be a part of the problem, be the entire problem

  16. The only thing I’m looking at is lupus, she looks cute here

  17. I think each of the arcs deserves its own movie, that’s just how good this shit is, also yes this is possible, they did it for the last two animated arcs of black butler

  18. Ah, the hidden mc is finally revealed

  19. I don’t have an ex so I text random people pretending I’m their ex and traumatizing the fuck out of them

  20. Well in terms of power… yes, but in terms of style they are probably the only generation of gym leaders that really stood out to me

  21. Oh, it’s nice I finally found out if he was really in the four or not

  22. If you ain’t gay, Shalltear has the biggest tits in Nazarick

  23. I suggest going with violet, cuz the legendary makes sense, but scarlet’s cool too

  24. Wdym with “the legendary makes sense”?

  25. In scarlet everyone’s been making fun of the fact the legendary has wheels but still runs, in violet the legendary actually uses its wheels

  26. I’m with you on this one, where’s my 1000 mobfu technique show

  27. This is honestly what I thought slice of life was until I found out about horror genre

  28. Is it wierd I thought the ref was the mc for a sec, I’ve read the manga way before the anime came out, but I still got confused

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