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  1. ME2s DLCs were great. Busy playing through 3 right now. Long time ME fan, only playing the DLCs now through legendary edition. First Mass Effect playthrough was 2010.

  2. Your first snowboard is the nitro magnum? Isn’t it an advanced board?

  3. You can learn on pretty much much anything. In fact, it's beneficial to have a few harder days learning on a cambered profile compared to a rocker. The benefits are insane.

  4. We had to go off piste to get it, and this video is from an actual glacier, we had to work for it!

  5. l i t e r a l l y. sharks dont even like humam blood! thats why humans only have one bite from a shark (yea unless its a bull shark) and not to mention, surfing boards looks like seals or sea lions. its not their fault. its ours. we are in their territory and we get mad??? hahaha we humans are despicably cruel and evil

  6. Good commitment. The angle will come, eventually you'll learn how much hop to use and it will be effortless. This one you over hopped a bit so the impact made you nervous.

  7. I don't think he over popped at all. Landing halfway down a rail is a really good thing, especially when features start to get bigger. His counter rotation, or lack there of, is what made it a little tough. :)

  8. Sweet as man! Big feature. How are you feeling on longer boxes?

  9. So, I'm curious. I don't have a PS, but how does photomode work in this game? How do you set up the scenes? Looks hella dope.

  10. When you pause the game you'll see an option titled photo mode. Once you've selected that it brings up the photo mode suite of tools. It's fairly simple to navigate. You just move around the scene, adjust your focal length, depth of field, etc. Even allows you to change the time of day. Aloy gets a bunch of poses and facial expressions to choose from too.

  11. Oh dope. That sounds so epic actually. Thanks so much for the information. Was always wondering how the screenshots looked so natural and fun.

  12. It's not a rainbow. You have a classic depiction of Rayleigh scattering. Thicker the atmosphere, the more shortwave radiation is scattered out. So, the blues and violets (shorter visible spectrum waves) are scattered out to leave the reds and oranges. Thinner the atmosphere, the less scattering occurs resulting in the blue sky. It's also the reason sunrises and sunsets turn the sky orange and red and why the sky is blue in the day.

  13. The reason they are shaped the way they are is to get the heat out of it. A solid block of aluminum absorbs heat faster, but dissipates said heat slowly.

  14. Nice man. Have you tried being more longitudinally aligned? Like, you're riding with your shoulders and hips pretty open and that's gonna make life hard.

  15. I dislike their graphics and shapes immensely. But I'm sure they make banging boards though. It's subjective for me.

  16. Whoa awesome! How long have you been boarding and hitting the park?!

  17. Bro intimidated for what? You're fuckin beast mode on the shred stick. I'm a hard fuckin rider of 20 years and I'm impressed. Don't tell me this was your first season?!

  18. Fucking adoring this gaaame. Beatiful shot! Gotta post mine lol

  19. Yeah it definetely is. There's no choices in the story but you do have a lot freedom on customizing Cal and BD-1 and some more stuff. Still the story feels coherent and it's extremely enjoyable, way better than basically anything disney put out. The gameplay is sick and you get a lot of choices with it too, like with Force Powers, new lightsaber stances and such. You can switch between 2 stances, there's Single Blade, Double bladed, Dual Blades, Blaster Stance and a Crossguard stance.

  20. Sounds fantastic. Stoked you're enjoying. Not really my type of game, but to be fair, I haven't played an on rails game in a very long time. Maybe I've changed.

  21. The instant photo mode is terrible. You lose control of the car for 2 seconds and the wheels straighten out. Dope photos though. I'm sure if you hit pause you can access photo mode from the in game menus, like the older Forzas. :)

  22. I found a better fix, play in Horizon Solo for photos.

  23. There's a skeleton throne hidden in an underwater passage there.

  24. Yeah. It's in the description of the post. Was fun to explore. :)

  25. Nah, just gonna get it dirty after one front board again.

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