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  1. My 16 year old has the exact same injury in the same spot. Horribly painful but she was able to correct it with physical therapy and a chiropractor. Did take a couple months to fully heal, good luck!

  2. Would not want to be the person who has to change the sheets though.

  3. I've seen this so many times in bookstores. They get a cup of coffee sit down with ten or fifteen books and get up and leave them.

  4. That’s why Barnes and Noble has done away with all the cafes where you used to be able to do that

  5. Sir this is reddit, we take any info and generalize it to fit the narrative of the current day. You sound like one of them "twitters".

  6. I hate Twitter but generalizing someone as being from Africa doesn’t seem right to me

  7. Am I the only that keeps hearing that song in my head? "99 cans of Pabst beer on the wall, 99 cans of Pabst beer..."

  8. I just went there, it was so good, but $33 for two people and all we got was a burger, we shared a fry and each had a small shake. Really overpriced.

  9. "Wonder if I can sneak to the couch and fire up the Playstation without waking her up"

  10. I thought maybe they played music or were scented or something but nope, just a plain ornament.

  11. Dude even if I had a tree we would just do that box of bulbs from k-mart for like $10

  12. She absolutely had grounds for this. She was the reason a lot of lonely teenage boys watched.

  13. Left a made a gazillion dollars with the thigh master exercise tool

  14. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/asia/thailand-cave-rescue-ketamine-sedation-boys-a8858106.html?amp

  15. Hi would you say it also works for complex grief like losing someone via suicide? I have a friend who lost someone dear to them, but I think, part of them isn't moving on to punish themselves, on top of you know all the other aspects of grief.

  16. Yes, the stories of the other widows dealt with unexpected losses, for example plane crash, heart attack. It’s really helpful for any loss honestly. I think it’s good for anyone as it’s an interesting read and it’s sometimes better to know what to expect immediately after before you are in that situation.

  17. We lived in Naples and had one literally in our back yard behind the lanai and when I called animal control they said they couldn’t do anything about it unless it acted aggressive.

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