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Woman trying to get her birth control at Walgreens, is told they won't fill it.

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  1. Beautiful! I used to live in Mill Valley, and I’d routinely make the drive over to Pt Reyes. A quick stop at Inverness Park Market for a sandwich on the way there. Tough to beat!

  2. Have had my Merkur 34c for almost a decade now. Paid $41 for it, but the blade savings have more than justified it!

  3. Love this. I’d take an $8 handmade any day of the week over a random $50 sweater that may or may not fit me. Well done!

  4. Mine’s only 12 yrs old, but still going strong. With the weather cooling now, have been using it more and more!

  5. I hope it's more than the 10%-15% that's been brought up in a few articles.

  6. I own real estate, so I hope you’re wrong. That said, I think the decline will definitely be more than 10 to 15%. Housing is absolutely in a bubble, and bubbles always burst. I hope it’s “different this time”.

  7. Yes, just today, navigation advised that I take an approximate 10 min detour around and back to shortest/easiest route. I skipped it, and stayed on fastest route.

  8. Deep fry in a pan. Want to try air fry, but I don’t have one yet…

  9. Burry is a perma bear always yelling for a crash. He’ll get it right eventually just like a broken clock is right twice a day.

  10. Not true. He’s been bullish the vast majority of his multi-decade career.

  11. Could not agree more! Bought a vac sealer about a year ago, and have noticed my grocery bill declining (while inflation has been climbing!). I feel better too about not wasting as much food as I used to.

  12. That’s beautiful! If it makes you feel any better, I once brought a lampshade back from London to California… :)

  13. Why is this cringe?? This lady absolutely has a right to birth control without all of that bs and hassle.

  14. And, imo, clothes smell even better when dried in fresh air!

  15. Retail, without fail, is always left holding the bag. SMH.

  16. he'll be fine if he just starts making his own lunch to bring to work and making his own coffee at home instead of going to Starbucks

  17. I’m old, and I’ve used that line about how people should make their own coffee, etc. That said, I think your reply there is one of the funniest/best things I’ve ever read on Reddit.

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