Remember that they ROBBED us during the Splividend. The DTC instructed the brokers to treat the split in the form of a dividend as a normal forward split. That diluted our shares incredibly. What happened to the HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of shares Computershare gave the DTC?

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  1. If you're moving to Thailand there's no reason why you shouldn't get a Thai license. Otherwise your likely to be fined at police checkpoints.

  2. This will just be a temporary stop gap until I get a Thai licence. Do you know is it easy/quick to get a Thai licence?

  3. I’ll research myself, but damn what’s Warden Elite? Everyday you learn a new wrinkle in this 84 year saga. Who needs Netflix when you have S S

  4. He was a bit of a celebrity ape in the early days, posting daily TA analysis on the 1 minute chart😂 He posted some solid DD but then got exposed as a shill.

  5. And can someone remind me… Did Rensole also have a fall from grace?

  6. Wait, so would that mean that there are more than 304m shares?

  7. Robbie from IMX would make a great pall bearer for Greg alongside Cocaine Cramer. As would Byron from Loopring.

  8. So before today we were so shorted that people were predicting $500+ per share. Do we think that if this gets RS by a 5:1 that share price can still reach $2,500? Is that even realistic?

  9. Potential share price is completely irrelevant without factoring in the amount of outstanding shares. $500+ per share market cap is the exact same market as $2,500 with a 5:1 RS. Just because it sounds like a bigger number per share doesn’t make it less attainable.

  10. You should make this comment into a post, will drown out the shills. Even using the new diluted shares numbers, we’re still on the list.

  11. How many times does it have to be hammered home that every single share held by DTCC can be used as a locate for shorting. It finest matter wether the broker “lends” it out or not.

  12. The OP is a bag holder probably in well over 10$. Don't listen to him. His goal is to unload once he gets green and leave you holding a bag. Do what is best for you.

  13. My average price is under $1.70. So go fuck yourself.

  14. Wow, didn't know the CEO did that.....I'm new around these parts. PermaHold

  15. DRS everything and this could be finished by month end at these prices.

  16. Turning off lending does nothing to prevent your shares being used as locates for shorting. The only way to truly turn off lending is to remove your shares from DTCC control by DRSing them.

  17. It could definitely squeeze, though I doubt we'll see anything like GME, because it won't reach the viral state that GME did where everybody and their mom was buying into it in a frenzy.

  18. BBBY can squeeze to astronomical prices and still go bankrupt after. The price is completely detached from the performance of the company. All this needs is more investors DRSing and continuing to buy and there’s no limit on how high this can go.

  19. No that's just copium. A stock typically won't randomly moon without any fundamental reason. There are some exclusive technical reasons why this may happen (see e.g. GME 2nd squeeze shortly after the first), but it's incredibly unlikely.

  20. No, you’re just full of shit. Fuck off back to Ken

  21. According to a taxi driver on here the other day if you want to get a new plate it has to be a car that can take wheelchairs and they cost €50k or something, not particularly easy so likely the number of taxis is only going in one direction.

  22. I’m the taxi driver… That €50k was a rough estimate on what it would cost if you’re starting out today. It includes the cost of the licence, car and insurance. Insurance alone is about €15k for your first year.

  23. Good work, let’s get this shit locked down by month end 🚀🚀

  24. If they do, hedgies will immediately do something about it. That's why you don't show your hand before the PERFECT timing.

  25. They don’t have to show their hand. Just a simple “Hello, we see you. We’re working hard, and will be in touch soon”.

  26. What would you rather have your money in:

  27. all I've ever said is that the DRS posts clog up the forum. piss up a rope.

  28. I don’t think you understand how Reddit works. If DRS posts make it to the top, it’s because that’s what the people want to see. They upvote what they like and downvote what they don’t like.

  29. They’re not providing it. They didn’t build it. Landlords produce nothing.

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