1. Product knowledge is key. I just started in Colorado Audi and I love it

  2. No don't. It's a horrible way to go just for looking at a pic. Unless you got serious issues.

  3. What kind of skills are needed to work as a car seller in a Porsche dealership? What was the skill that got you this job?

  4. I say buy at the end of this month. I’m in the business, and we’re all desperate for deals the last 3 days of the month. Counter offer 10% below the sales price.

  5. Don't watch too much YouTube. Ben Hardy has been saying the "BUBBLE POPPED" for the last year lol. Same deal with Lucky Lopez, and countless others. The reason those videos and articles get made is because they get tons of views because it's what consumers want to hear.

  6. I don’t watch YouTube. I’m in the business. All I stated was there would be more repos…

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