1. If you're looking for the highest-quality video signal for your Sega Genesis consider using RGB or Component YPbPr. Both are superior to A/V and both are supported by the 5-pin adapter on the Mark II Genesis, but you'd need to perform a relatively easy mod on a Mark I Genesis (and you could implement stereo out too).

  2. How is this an overreach when no one has to utilize the service where it is being offered?

  3. Off the top of my head, Dragon Quest was released in 1986 in Japan and as Dragon Warrior in 1989 in North America. Aside from pioneering the JRPG genre and many gameplay mechanics we take for granted now, new games, remakes, and spin-offs continue to be produced today.

  4. There's not much point in physical when a multitude of updates are required for the complete experience, or (in the case of Switch cartridges) they have a lifespan of about 20 years -- unless you plan to re-sell the games when you're done with them.

  5. So literally not what they are giving us. I'm with you on the "IDGAF who you cast - just make something good" but the stupid remakes with recasting POCs is just Diznee trying to look woke but at the same time a huge cash grab.

  6. It contains a ton of quality-of-life updates, such as allowing you to change your secondary weapon/item with the L and R buttons instead of having to go into the menu, and changing the flute to an ocrina to be in line with modern Zelda lore. It's easily the best way to play the SNES game, assuming you aren't looking for a whole new story / game.

  7. You know if it is playable on a real SNES? Now I just gotta find a patched rom...

  8. I believe it is, yes, And the patched ROM seems to be common enough, but you can find the patch on romhacking.net too.

  9. It's telling that he didn't give a damn when his supporters expressed committing similar acts of violence toward others, eg: Trudeau.

  10. We can be reasonably certain we're not living in a simulation operated by classical computers, due to certain limitations these machines have with simulating quantum phenomena, and we can be certain we're not living in a simulation that fully simulates the universe, due to problems with using higher order systems to simulate fundamental interactions. But beyond that it really isn't clear, although there isn't any particular reason to believe we're living in a simulation.

  11. Fred Trump, Donald Trump's father, wore a toothbrush mustache from 1940 until sometime in the 1950s. Make of that what you will.

  12. Never played apex or overwatch but have played mortal kombat and the last of us. Mortal kombat is a fighting game with magic and demons. Where are the politics? Or are you referring to the time in the 90’s that caused the rating system in all games? And the last of us? It’s about people trying to survive the zombie apocalypse. Where exactly are the politics?

  13. He's referring to Jax's ending in MK11 -- altering/changing the timeline plays heavily into MK11's story, and in Jax's ending he prevents the Atlantic slave trade from ever occurring. A lot of people accused MK of "going woke" after that.

  14. Apex- enbi and gay characters and I really forgot why mk11 is here

  15. Altering/changing the timeline plays heavily into MK11's story, and in Jax's ending he prevents the Atlantic slave trade from ever occurring. This pissed a lot of people off.

  16. Demoscene parties typically have video game events and panels, but there are conventions for video games only as well:

  17. This is the third time I've seen this question in this sub today.

  18. There were some fantastic games for the 3DS -- such as the incredible but criminally underrated Alien Infestation -- but the 3DS wasn't more powerful than the Xbox 360.

  19. Considering some of the channels I watch upload videos once every six months or so, I'd think that's an awful idea.

  20. I think it depends on the game, but the 8-bit, 16-bit, and lowrez 3D / lowfi 3D aesthetics all have their places.

  21. My favourite view of an afterlife is that there isn't one because it emphasizes the value of our time and the gravity of our decisions.

  22. A Whois search indicates videogamehomeda.shop was put online a few months ago and the domain is registered for only one year, the shortest period a domain can be registered for. It's probably a scam.

  23. The disc itself isn't exactly the preference. I value physical media that has all content and DLC contained within without relying on any server.

  24. In theory I prefer physical, but these days most games require a multitude of updates for the complete experience and some games are too large to be distributed on physical media, so digital makes the most sense.

  25. Always practice safe sex, don't lie to or mislead yourself or others, don't engage in sex that you or your partner don't really want to, and have fun.

  26. Provided you masturbate in privacy, and if you view erotic material it portrays consenting adults, masturbation can be a safe way to explore your sexuality or relieve sexual tension. Choosing masturbation over an intimate relationship or allowing masturbation (or erotic material) to influence your expectations of others can however be incredibly unhealthy.

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