1. Are they planning on releasing Oklahoma and Kansas together?

  2. Yeah but if you know it’s almost discredits anything that follows, just saying, do as you please my man..

  3. The UK originally claimed all of Antarctica, and divided it up between the UK, Australia & New Zealand. France also made a claim. Australia & Chile got in on it. Norway originally claimed a small island with one of their whaling stations, but decided to claim a much bigger section to protect their access to marine resources.

  4. Norwegian explorers raced to Antarctica before British explorers did.

  5. Is Ukraine trying the invade Russia or something? Is Russia desperate or something?

  6. No but the war has been going on for a year. Putin looks weak to his population. He might just try to end the war with a few nukes and call it a day. The only thing keeping him from doing that could probably be NATO involvement, but why would NATO get involved after a nuke if they haven't gotten involved since the invasion? Is there some international law I'm not aware of stating that any country using any nuke at any point would be deemed hostile and dangerous to the rest of the world by the rest of the world? What's keeping him from nuking Ukraine? He doesn't seem to care about preserving the cities he takes over so what's keeping him from dropping that nuke and ending this war?

  7. According to historical background, there has been an overt conflict going on since 2013/2014. It was being referred to as "the War/Conflict in Donbas".

  8. Dammit. Totally forgot about that big title. Woops, my bad.

  9. England is a wonderful country, wonderful countryside, wonderful people. England rules the comedy too. Pity about the English government though. And the stupid royalty.

  10. Sounds like an old granny content with her little existence.

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