1. I am so sorry! I send you a BIG hug.I understand. 7 mos for me.

  2. Ryoko.....(ree-oko) means "Good child"....or uh, Dragon if a different kanji is used.

  3. Of course! And many do...but as Siba's are a Japanese breed, I just always liked the idea of giving them a Japanese name.

  4. Happy Birthday, Rakki!!! I hope you celebrate many, many more!! Sending you birthday scritches!

  5. Soooooo fabulous!!! The dog and the decorations!!!! I LOVE the plant from Little Shop of Horrors!!!

  6. Yep. Always have. My first was a rescue who I got at age 4. He figured out the advantage of the down comforter straight away. My next was a puppy I got from Japan who had never been in the house. As soon as we arrived home I plunked a small wire crate on one side of the bed and each night he was on the bed, but in his crate until he was about 5 months old and he could make it all night long, then the crate disappeared and he stayed on the bed until he was 14, and got very ill. Then he went into the den to sleep, and I moved to the couch to be with him. It was that way for 5 months, until he died.

  7. His registered name is: Kokuryuu’s Seventh Swell TKI

  8. They are in Wisconsin, I am located in Minnesota.

  9. No! He's doing the fall shed!!! It's okay.

  10. Oooops. The exact moment sweet baby shibe realizes that someone's mom and dad pull a fast one and the destination is the vet....not the park But perhaps they will redeem themselves by providing a puppucino, afterwards.

  11. She got a ton of treats and a visit to the park straight after!

  12. Yoshi is a very lovely sesame!!!! You should show him off! I 💕💕

  13. That, is a favorite spot!!! My two males, who are gone now...each in turn, slept on the bed with me. Each loved, during the winter, to plaster their back against mine so we were each toasty....💕

  14. Sooooo wonderful!!!! Congratulations to you all!

  15. Happy 1st birthday, sweet boy!!! May you have many, many more!!!

  16. Hard quesrion to answer. It depends on the "type" of shiba your breeder breeds, and "type" means "style". Over the years I've had thinner, lankier ones and I've had more compact ones with plush coats. Look at pictures of the sire and dam. There will be a clue there, though when breeding dogs and horses, serious breeders will tell you, you don't get the mother and father, look at the grandparents! Having said that...some lines develop fast and look terrific at a year or so. God never blessed me with that joy. I was always hiding mine in the backyard until they were 2 before I could show them. My last dog was from Japan. He was the most adorable puppy until about 8 mos where he proceeded to look like a German Shepherd. Not kidding. Long, thin snout, big ears, narrow head...lanky legs. In desperation, when he was about 14 months old I emailed the breeder who sent me the following email.

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