1. Instapot airfryer - 10 minutes at a preheated 300F. Ice bath immediately after. They peel easily. This is my new go-to method for “boiling” eggs!

  2. OCL used to have it. First flower purchase I made when I got my card.

  3. Let us know how the effects are for you. I’ve had batches of this strain that knocked me out, and batches that almost gave me anxiety. Wish I could trust it every time.

  4. Yeah the little guy looks fishy as hell. Anyone know what it is??

  5. Looks like a Beno to me. I have quite a few.

  6. The wigglewort is an underused profile these days except for trolling northern lakes. At the right size for the application, it works in all kinds of waters.

  7. I have a mess of old Wiggle Warts and Beanos from my Grandpa and Dad. I remember using them a lot in Canada trolling for Walleye.

  8. Nice! Our Meijer here in OH had them for $0.99/lb today. I lucked into grabbing the last 2. I’ll put them on next Saturday for the OSU/ND game. Can’t wait!!!

  9. Weightless Zoom Fish Doctor rigged weedless. Wacky is a close 2nd. If it’s a large deep body of water I start with a jerkbait.

  10. Love Maine. We went just north of Lincoln and stayed on Long Pond. Beautiful.

  11. They’re just quilted sweatpants from target 🤷🏼‍♀️

  12. It’s a good cheap rod. I have had one for several years now and it has held up great. I have “nicer” more expensive rods but they don’t catch anymore fish. They just weight less and maybe look cooler. Get a Med for all around fishing. Have fun!

  13. Garbage ocl is OK the platinum og was actually decent but nothing compared to klutch...ocl harvests to early they have big beautiful bids that lack any oomph icc is consistent is good every time

  14. To each their own. I like OCL a lot. Platinum OG, Larry OG, and BlackBerry Kush are all excellent for me. I do wish they would stop using the plastic jars, they suck. For what it’s worth, I am pretty much never without some Klutch ICC. It is my favorite strain in the program and always excellent. Klutch is super consistent.

  15. I’d like to try some but the dispos near me never have it.

  16. I recently bought the ice cream cake it's good your should get it. Not sure weather it's select or premium but it is ⛽️🍦🍰

  17. I am almost never without some ICC. When I get low, I grab more.

  18. Harmless. I’ve eaten fish my whole life that had those. Bass, perch, bluegill, crappie……..it’s not just Bass. It’s the yellowish parasite you need to avoid. Still good to eat. I cut them out of the filet, soak in salt water, and make sure to cook thoroughly. No worries. But those black ones are harmless. Enjoy!

  19. I've heard the yellow ones are also nbd if cooked but there's defnitely something unappealing about hi vis parasites

  20. For sure unappealing. That’s why I cut them out. Haha

  21. You fishing Ned’s in lakes or rivers/creeks? I find I have the most luck using them in creeks and smaller rivers.

  22. Ill get just as high off of 18% bud as I would off of 35% bud

  23. There’s a private campground near Baldwin MI that this exact type thing happens. They treat weekend campers like 2nd class citizens.

  24. How are the effects? Thinking about grabbing some for sleep.

  25. I have a 5.66 of Greasy Rntz and it’s excellent. Sticky, smells strong, tastes great, and the effects are what I enjoy. No hate here. I’ll happily check out more strains from Certified.

  26. I put it in a mason jelly jar and tossed the one it came in so I can’t say.

  27. not sure how long ago you tried that but curious how it compares to Firelands Banana Puddintain

  28. It was a couple years ago and I honestly don’t remember. I do know I didn’t get it again so it must not have been what I like. I like an Indica that knocks me out at night.

  29. I can say that, in general, I like OCL over Firelands. But I do like some Firelands.

  30. Choppo’s are great. I also have several (Chinese knock offs, I’m sure) I bought from a guy on FB Marketplace for around $3 each. They take a little longer to get up and splashing but I do catch fish on them.

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