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  1. In my experience, no. I’ve had many female friends but there is always an underlying sexual tension. Either on my part or theirs. I definitely have female acquaintances but I wouldn’t call them friends. My ‘bros’ are my friends. We actually have common interests such as sports, gaming, etc… If you feel the need to downvote this, you’re entitled to do so. Just keep in mind that everyone has different life experiences.

  2. Feet, women's feet. Like really fucking strong attraction.

  3. These titles are so off sometimes. There is at least 3 cocks in that room lol.

  4. Only once was I rejected. She grabbed it, giggled, and called it a chode. That was the end of that situation. However on other occasions throughout my sex life I’ve been called big. I’m 6.1x5.

  5. I actually like this guys content. He knows how cringe and awkward it is for others to watch so he does it to record their reactions.

  6. Thank you! Just ordered a Stizzy. Appreciate you guys.

  7. Why not man? Do your thing! Pros can be a lot of fun. Men of all statures pay to play. Virgins or not.

  8. I’m pretty sure someone mentioned the cell phone industry already but that’s a good place to look. I worked for T-Mobile for a few years and a handful of my co workers were from out of state and pursuing acting/singing careers. T-Mobile pays hourly plus commission and benefits. And if you’re good at upselling, you can make a livable wage.

  9. Definitely sound like a foot guy lol nothing wrong with that though!

  10. 6.1 x 5. In my short, fortuitous life I’ve been with over 100 women. Most of which the experiences have been great. In some cases I’ve even been called big. In a rare case I was called small. All part of the game. Confidence is everything.

  11. It’s not that crazy but of course you’re running a risk! Some pros are very clean and take care of themselves because infections will jeopardize their work. If she’s a clean, classy pro and allows you to go down on her, why not?

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